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    Error in the pokedex?

    in sun/moon , from what i see if a pokemon has no evolutions, it has its own page and it completes the page after that capture.. but i just captured a tauros, and the pokedex page that appeared on the registering of the capture has something that doesnt belong.. outside of going in number...
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    Looking for Diancie, Can give Shiny Gengar Code

    i pmed you my fc
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    Looking for Diancie, Can give Shiny Gengar Code

    arent diancie's blocked from being traded on the GTS? how would i get it from you?
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    Looking for Diancie, Can give Shiny Gengar Code

    I am looking for a Diancie download code since you cant GTS them.. all i can offer is a download code for the shiny gengar.. i dont exactly have a powerhouse team of pokemon that i could really offer...
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    Pokemon Bank

    one of the lucky people in japan who got to dl the pokebank apparently sent their treeko into the XY, bred a bunch of them and are being sent over wonder trade.. i was just surprised with a treecko via wonder trade just now
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    REVIEW: XY001/XY002: Pocket Monsters XY Start Special

    with episode 2 having a short run time i hope they dub the oak livecaster for the dub for the episode.. that would be a nice gift to us.. (not betting on it) and it looks like that -VS- Screen is gonna get used for battles in the show now like the Orgins special had.. Nice..
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    REVIEW: SS027: Dent and Takeshi! Gyarados's Imperial Rage!!

    did the episode preview say we are seeing Pokemon episode 1 special next week? if so, wonder if the HD version
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    REVIEW: BW142: My Dream, Pokémon Master!!

    do u think they will keep that finale shot of the photo in the dubbed vesion? obviously since they cant run video after the credits here, could it be shown possibly after the " A NEW BEGINNING " plane shot, with a quick cut back to show that scene? before fading to black for the credits?
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    NEWS: Pokémon: The Origin!

    in the new promo the quick shot with giovanni.. i couldnt help but laugh at the rocket grunt next to him with the " i dont care" look on his face.. lol
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    How Will This Affect The Dubbing Gap?

    add at least a 2 week break for christmas for the US
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    Theories on the Use of the N Intro in the dub

    Id love to hear some theories on the sudden use of the N intro being used for 3 straight episodes, with the beyond intro only being used once (once could be thought of as a mistake, twice is odd, 3 weeks is almost, how can they not know at this point) maybe they are prepping a new intro for...
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    Pokémon surprise announcement this Monday: Pokémon's followers advised to tune in at

    Re: Pokémon surprise announcement this Monday: Pokémon's followers advised to tune in Ill Take Pokemon Orgins Dub announcement for 100 Alex
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    PREVIEW: BWS2DA!E19 - Best Wishes! Until The Day We Meet Again!!

    i think i figured this timeline out: Sept 12 - Cilan's Gym emergency - Brock's Return, Brock heals Pansage, Cilan still stays with Ash Sept 19th - Farewell Episode - Iris fights Claire - Iris Leaves, Cilan still with Ash Sept 26th - Finale - Cilan sees Ash off , as Ash returns home
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    PREVIEW: BWS2DA!E19 - Best Wishes! Until The Day We Meet Again!!

    oooh this is interesting.. after todays pokemon epsiode aired, they showed a clip of BROCK MEETING CILAN .. wonder if this could be the episode they meet.. The Return of Brock Is Coming? with the finale on the 26th, it would have to be here...
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    REVIEW: S16 EP14: There's a New Gym Leader in Town!

    cheren is supposed to be that "plain" type.. of course he would be a monotone the entire way
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    REVIEW: BW122: Reshiram VS N! Beyond Truth and Ideals!!

    how nice of them to lie in the intro the entire time making it seem like a reshiram vs charizard showdown to save the day, only for it that not to happen at all..
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    Better Advertisments on Cartoon Network?

    i dont see whats soo difficult.. pokemon in japan has the "next tiem on pokemon" after each episode.. why cant tpci just dub that each week and hand it off to CN for commercial airings.. its not like CN has to do any work on it, just add the CN bumper at the end of it.. the commercial has...
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    PREVIEW: BW123 - Farewell, Isshu! Setting Sail Once Again!!

    lets see the american dub get out of this one.. cant be adventures in unova since they are leaving unova now can it.. lol.. another forced name change for the dub lol Pokemon BW: Adventures in Dakora lol for a good whole 2 months..
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    REVIEW: BW119: Rocket-dan VS Plasma-dan! Nyarth and Achroma!!

    are team rocket vs team plasma episodes cursed or something, while watching the live feed from japan, i noticed another earthquake message on the top of the screen for a few mins during this episode (earthquake took place somewhere in japan during this airing).. every time we get near a...
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    What'll happen after Episode N, and before X and Y?

    heres the big key to this.. cartoon network has a big hole in their saturday lineup now.. they are losing 3 of their shows THIS MONTH, so come august, they will need something to fill the void.. and its a perfect chance for pokemon to gain extra airings.. you really think they will run with...