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  1. Colton S

    Hello Everyone! *Trips and Falls on Face*

    Hello everyone! I'm back, coming with the wave of Gen VII news. Most of you probably don't remember me, as I was not terribly active, but I was here, and I hope I can be more active. The site seems to have changed, but I'm excited to return. See you all on the forums! :)
  2. Colton S

    GEN VI: Porygon2 with Trace for my Protean Greninja

    Hey, I'm just asking, but would someone like to trade a Porygon2 with Trace to me for a Protean Greninja that has 2 perfect IVs in Special Attack and Speed? FC is 5172-0053-3791 Thanks in advance!
  3. Colton S

    Offering Shiny lvl 100 Latias

    I am offering a Shiny lvl 100 Latias, as the title says. I will trade you on Wifi Club. If you are interested/ have questions, PM me. I am looking for Shiny Mew, Gensect, Keldeo, Meloetta, Event Victini, Shiny Shaymin, Darkrai, or Shiny Regigigas.
  4. Colton S

    EVERYONE: Destiny's Heroes: Unbeatable

    Chapter 1: Beginnings! "Wake Up! Big brother, today is the day you meet Mister Professor!" Said 8 year old Kate Tanoan, who tried so hard to make everyone on time. "Let me sleep..." Said the black haired 13 year old. "No! Get out of bed!" For an 8 year old girl, she was surprisingly...
  5. Colton S

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello everybody! Colton S here! I like Pokemon and cannot wait to get X and Y! Hope I like it here! :spin: