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  1. Zesty Cactus

    This is a rather silly question

    However, I don't know the answer, so I must ask it anyway! I live in Canada. Let's suppose I purchased a Japanese Nintendo 64 and Japanese games to go with it. Would I be able to use it with my Canadian television/plugs/outlets/etc or is the plug frequency(?) or whatever different? Just an...
  2. Zesty Cactus

    Anyone seen any anime films in the theatre?

    even like a Pokemon movie? 8D just curious if anyone else has. i have seen in theatres... Pokemon the Movie 2000, Digimon the Movie and Trigun: Badlands Rumble (it was released for one night only in cinemas subtitled so i went 8D)
  3. Zesty Cactus

    Need help with White Forest

    A few days ago I finally beat the E4 in my Black Version and did the Entralink with my friend, who has White Version. I recruited a bunch of guys and my city got huge. However today I tried Entralink with my bf (who has White) and he wasn't able to add anything to his forest at all (it's still...
  4. Zesty Cactus

    Physiology sections

    Do we seriously need them? They're sort of meaningless because the Sugimori art is like right next to them. Besides, we don't do sprite trivia/descriptions... so why give obvious descriptions of the artwork? The other biology sections are fine, but I think the physiology section is pretty...
  5. Zesty Cactus

    I dropped my phone...

    ...in the @#$%ing toilet the other day. I totally freaked out and tried to dry it off as best I could... I ended up taking out the battery and the chip and letting it dry out overnight. I was sooo sure it would be toast, but... it still works!!!! I've only had one weird problem so far (today the...
  6. Zesty Cactus

    Pokémon Official Magazine

    ...but not the like, 2003 UK one? Looks like they're trying out a new "Pokémon Official Magazine" in the US and Canada... I found a "Special Edition Premiere Issue" at my fav comic book shop today. It's mostly TCG-based but there were like 2 pages about HGSS. Anyone else find this thing...
  7. Zesty Cactus

    I'm a Kotone lookalike...

    ...no, seriously. So I have dark brown hair that I usually keep in pigtails and I have long side bangs and I wear a hat. Sounds familiar, doesn't it? I mean my hair isn't as gravity-defying as hers but WOAH. :P
  8. Zesty Cactus

    Shinies that got away

    Has anyone else ever encountered a shiny but been unable to capture it? Once I was playing Silver and I saw a shiny Unown, but it broke free of the ball and then fled. :'( I also heard from a guy on a Zelda forum I also go to that he found a shiny Geodude that used Selfdestruct. Ouch. DX
  9. Zesty Cactus

    Which one was cooler?

    Me and my boyfriend constantly argue about this, so I turn to you, the Bulbagardenians... Which was cooler? Pokémon Red or Pokémon Blue? Which one did all the "cool" kids have? Which one has better exclusives? Inquiring minds need to know... I had Red, which overall has better exclusives...
  10. Zesty Cactus

    Best graffiti ever

    Garbage can in downtown Toronto. :P
  11. Zesty Cactus

    Gold/Silver/Crystal batteries

    I'm just curious... I honestly think I have the LAST working copy of Pokémon Silver Version on the face of the earth (with an original battery). How is everyone else's batteries doing? I'm sorry if this has been flogged to death before, I'm just curious. :P P.S. Because I keep hearing about...
  12. Zesty Cactus


    Is it worth the bother/would people care/etc for articles about all of the DVD releases of the anime? It's something I've thought about making articles for because there don't seem to be many, but if nobody really cares or needs articles about the anime DVDs then I'll save myself the trouble.
  13. Zesty Cactus

    Footage on PokéBeach

    Sorry if this is old news/reported elsewhere but apparently there's a playable demo at Pokémon Centre Tokyo of HG/SS and there's some footage I found here.