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    Steam Holiday Sale

    How did all of you Steam users do on this year's holiday sale? What did you get? What games do you enjoy, which ones do you regret? This is the first Steam sale I have ever participated in, since I just built a "new" computer (Scrap parts from friends and family) to replace the using of my...
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    Why is it called Anime and Manga?

    This is a problem that has bothering me ever since I left my 'weaboo' faze from late elementary school and early high-school. Why exactly do you call it anime or manga? Why not just comics and cartoons, because that is exactly what they are. Why does Japan get their own special name? We don't...
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    Arrested Development Returning

    Apparently Arrested Development is returning for a new season (9-10 episodes focusing on each of the main cast), and will lead into the movie. So who else is fucking stoked for this? I literally squealed like a little girl when I read this. [Link]
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    Do you watch the Dub or the Sub?

    I don't watch either, but I'm curious to see what the average Pokemon fan watches. Do you watch the English dubbed, or the Japanese subtitled version of the show? If you watch a dub in another language (German, Swedish,etc) state which language you watch it in. If you watch both the dub and...
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    Favourite Movie of the Decade?

    Just as the title says, what was your favourite Movie of the decade(2000-2009)? I am going to have to go with "Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind", in my own opinion, this movie was brilliant, and I thought the ending was marvellous. Unless I remember something I liked more, "Eternal Sunshine...
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    Hello, I am new to this site, I have been playing Pokemon since I was around 2 (It was more my dad but still), I have beaten at least one from every generation two times, I like reading Comics (20th Century Boys, Batman, Chew), reading books (Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy), I love to watch...