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    What do the two Pokemon above have in common?

    Basically a variation of Kakuna Matata's "classic" game. In this game, you determine a common thing about the two POKEMON above. It can be something simple like their type or colour, or something more unique, like weight or a specific move. Example OK, now you start! Since there's...
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    [UU] [Gen V] Anyone want to VS?

    Ok, here I am trying to find my first ever competitive battle! Not on Smogon! Anyways, I'm good at around 6AM GMT, because I live in Australia and crap, and I've made a UU team. All my guys are LV. 100. PokeGenners are fine, as long as the pokemon are legal. (If you don't know what pokemon are...
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    PMD: Realm of Sutekh (Discussion)

    Ok guys, this is the discussion thread. If you have any questions or just want to chat about the thing, this is the place! Back to the Start-Up
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    Start Ups PMD: Realm of Sutekh (Start-Up)

    CHAPTER 1: New Guild Recruits So where is this place? Xinxiu was strolling through Hibou City, looking for the guild described on the map. Looking around, he noticed the familiar flag of the EGF flying from the other side of town. Wait? That said "east"? It looks like it's been scrawled by a...
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    PMD: Realm of Sutekh (Sign-Ups Closed)

    Chenzira Desert, 1921 A budding team of archaeologists slowly swing their pickaxes against the hard sandstone. The sun is hot on their blue-grey skin. Sweat is dripping off their brown ridges. The work is hard, but at least the pay is good. The pickaxes hit the rocks, when suddenly, a glowing...
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    TM40 was loaded.

    It contains Aerial Ace. Give Aerial Ace to a forum? POWER: 60 ACCURACY: -- The user confounds the forum with wit, then posts. The "attack" lands without fail. BMGf was selected. Teach BMGf Aerial Ace? >YES NO 1, 2, 3, and Poof! BMGf learned Aerial Ace! Anyways, Hi?