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  1. K

    Pokémon #666

    They will ignore it and just make it a pokemon. Also, about the Arceus thing: I truely believe that it is based around Greek Mythos WAY more than people say, you know, because people are idiots. OH WAIT! Just about every religion and myth have some "all-divine" creator. The truth is...you can...
  2. K

    How often...Pokemon...etc

    I seriously surprised at how many people play online, and how few actually EV train...hmmm this makes me think that IVs and EV training have less of an effect than just plain Old weaknesses like I treated the game when it came out...
  3. K

    On the Origin of Species: Shuppet and Banette: Investigating the inspirations behind

    Re: On the Origin of Species: Shuppet and Banette: Investigating the inspirations beh I liked Banette's origial design before it really looked like it had horns at all (spikes, whatever). It really looked more like a washed up rag-doll that was pitched, or made out of spare parts. But in the...
  4. K

    Who is you favorite Pokemon?

    Re: Your Favourite pokemon <---------
  5. K

    Quilava's really good at ember?

    lol @ This thread.
  6. K

    Mawile and other oddities

    Second post: http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/showthread.php?t=81401&page=3 It explains all.
  7. K

    Nidoking Black and White Sprite

    I had NO idea where else to post this, so why not here, basically in the random area. I just want to get my hands on an animated Black and White sprite for Nidoking. If anyone knows where to get it or has it, reply here or message me. :peace:
  8. K

    How often...Pokemon...etc

    This topic needs to get to at least page 5. My results are pretty one sided. However, more data would be awesome.
  9. K

    YOU are a Gym Leader (or Elite Four)

    ALWAYS pick what you favor....always.
  10. K

    How often...Pokemon...etc

    Tropius is pretty fricken cool. I just kinda wish he wasn't grass typed.
  11. K

    What PokeMon do you resemble most?

    I don't really know...I've never really fit well with any of these kinda things, I can never relate to characters and I don't feel like I fit the place of any characters. I feel more like a Shroomish, I kinda look more like Blaziken, but I want to be a Nidoking.
  12. K

    Cutest Pokemon Ever?

    Kojondo....its an Ermine...and I will be using it when it comes here. I actually did a little research for him to update the bulbawiki.
  13. K

    If you could invent a new type

    Just about everything being thought up here is kinda ridiculous and DOES fit into some category by the logic that is logic! Sound would be interesting but overall probably very weak but it would split up the Normal category up quite a bit! And the Light type has been tossed around a whole lot...
  14. K

    Cutest Pokemon Ever?

  15. K

    Milotic belongs in the Togepi family

    If anyone wanted to argue it more. Togepi>Milotic Togepi>Togetic>Togekiss And as for the Remoraid thing, I swear Remoraid was supposed to evolve into Mantine and that Octillary was actually an evolution for Quilfish, OR Octillary was meant to be a Basic Pokemon.
  16. K

    Milotic belongs in the Togepi family

    Just because everyone else is disagreeing I'm going to at least point out some similarities. Aside from the "tic" they both have they both also have a red/blue coloration to them and are both based off of something mythical Togetic being a Fairy and Milotic, being a Mermaid. I don't agree...
  17. K

    Cutest Pokemon Ever?

    Mawile!! :3
  18. K

    YOU are a Gym Leader (or Elite Four)

    I'm going to be making my ground team similar to this, but I think I might have a Quagsire and Nidoqueen instead of Swampert and Garchomp :)
  19. K

    How often...Pokemon...etc

    Has anyone ever really tried to have a tournament with just a group of friends?
  20. K

    How often...Pokemon...etc

    Hmmm....this is interesting...I mean, the point of EV training in the long run is to play against people. I also love (not really) how anti-social pokemon has become. :(