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  1. RavenKingSage

    Write a story, 3 words at a time.

    Simple enough: I post three words that would go in a sentence, and the next person posts three words that follow it up. For example: Meowth was a Pokémon who liked a certain Skitty. And as long as there's a period at the end of the above post, you can start a new sentence...
  2. RavenKingSage

    Unofficial user awards!

    In this thread, you name the user that best fits in these categories: Most mature user Favorite user in general Most annoying user Friendliest user Funniest user User who makes the least sense Favorite banned user Favorite fanfic writer Favorite artist Favorite moderator ...And so...
  3. RavenKingSage

    The bane(s) of your existance?

    The thread where you name ANYTHING that annoys you, gives you physical harm, gives you any sort of greif, etc. For me, that would be my family and religion.
  4. RavenKingSage

    Which kind of Pokémon do you prefer?

    No, not Pokémon type. I mean what kind. Do you prefer Pokémon that hit fast and hard, or Pokémon that revolve around defense? Do you prefer Pokémon that are "cute," or Pokémon whose design you think looks good? Discuss.
  5. RavenKingSage

    Favorite Battle Frontier Facilities? (Gen IV only)

    So. Of the five battle facilities in the Generation IV Battle Frontier, which was your favorite and which was your least favorite? (The above poll is for the former question.) Go.
  6. RavenKingSage

    Which form of Pokémon media do you like best?

    So. Which form of Pokémon media do you like best: Anime, Manga, Games, or TCG? (This is a multiple choice poll, so you can pick them all if you can't decide, or if there's one you hate or don't care for, you can pick the other three.)
  7. RavenKingSage

    My sig has a problem...

    Any particular reason why it doesn't read some characters and replaces them with question marks? They're all in the same language, and it can't be my browser because on another page, my browser could read all characters perfectly fine. EDIT: I just realized that in threads, my sig shows up as...
  8. RavenKingSage

    Gen V - Should Ash leave the Anime?

    With a new Gen on the horizon - and I'm surprised no one else came up with this - do you think Ash should be replaced?
  9. RavenKingSage

    What circle/level of Hell will you go to and why?

    OK, so I've decided to bring this thread back. http://www.4degreez.com/misc/seven_deadly_sins.html?g=f This link goes to the deadly sins test, so you can know what your deadly sin is. http://www.4degreez.com/misc/dante-inferno-test.mv This link goes to the Dante's Inferno test, which...
  10. RavenKingSage

    What is your sexual preference? (Polled version)

    Now that the other sexuality thread here has died off, I made another, this time with a poll. To start us off... I am bisexual, and male. EDIT: OK, it just occurred to me that the old thread hasn't died off yet. So this is just the polled version. <_>
  11. RavenKingSage

    Just out of curiosity...

    Why is it that some sections of the forum don't contribute to your post-count?
  12. RavenKingSage

    Forum loading problems

    I may not be the only one who's experienced this, but I've noticed that the forum has been loading on my computer VERY slowly. And sometimes, it stops when the page is half finished. I'm sure it's more generic database problems, but I just wanted to point this out. Anyone else having these...
  13. RavenKingSage

    I can't change skins...

    OK, so I'm getting a little sick of NeoClassic. So I switched to Return. It changed successfully. But when I go to another page, it goes right back to NeoClassic. It's getting really annoying having to change skins every time I open a new page. Anyone know what the source of the problem is...
  14. RavenKingSage

    Your favoirte Pokémon spin-off?

    Simple enough. Just choose your favorite Pokémon spin-off game.
  15. RavenKingSage

    Can you get infracted for...

    ...editing a post too many times? I apologize for the stupid question :p