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Search results

  1. Luthien

    Will Ash have a Kanto team?

    Maybe Ash will try his luck again for the Kanto Championship? That would be awesome, tbh. Bringing back some of his old Pokemon, like Pidgeot and Charizard!
  2. Luthien

    Simple Questions / Simple Answers (Gens 1-7)

    Pokemon trading through WiFi used to be free, I read somewhere that now you have to pay Nintendo a monthly fee, is this true??
  3. Luthien

    Help with starters?

    Me too. Looking for Popplio and Litten. :) NVM: Got them through VERY NICE random strangers over at the GTS. THANK YOU BOTH! <3
  4. Luthien

    Looking for shiny Yveltal

    Pretty sure I have Heart Scales, how much?
  5. Luthien

    Looking for shiny Yveltal

    I missed it from two weeks ago since I was on vacation....I have a Mew or I can trade a Shiny Xerneas. Both of them legit, of course. Thank you.
  6. Luthien

    Bulbapedia Edit Request(s)

    The name of the new professor, Kukui, is based on the Kukui Nut Tree - the state tree from Hawaii in which Lei's are traditionally made from. :)
  7. Luthien

    Need help w/National Dex

    Likewise! Thank you! :D
  8. Luthien

    Need help w/National Dex

    Will be on for the next couple hours! Already added you! :) Thanks, Ash!
  9. Luthien

    Need help w/National Dex

    I just need the pokes! Nothing special! It's just for the Dex. I can give back the Rayquaza, I have one, but for some reason I can't pass it from ORAS to Y....I'll give it back to you! Something you are looking for? I only need Rayquaza, Cradily and Armaldo!
  10. Luthien

    Need help w/National Dex

    Probably going to get ignored just like when I posted the original list, but it's worth a shot. After a week of hard work, I am in need of ONLY FOUR to complete my Dex: -Armaldo -Cradily -Hippodon -Rayquaza (that can go to Y version) - WILL return. I need the three non-legionaries as permanent...
  11. Luthien

    Need help w/National Dex

    I already have a Leavanny, finished this list yesterday - thank you for offering. I will post new ones in a while. But I DO have Torchics! I have currently a Combusken which I was planning on leveling up. Do you want to trade it for your dex, then return it to me so I can keep leveling it up...
  12. Luthien

    Need help w/National Dex

    Hi! I am a looong way of completing the National Dex, I need it so I can obtain the Shiny Charm. In exchange for helping me I can help with evolution trades or give HA Sneasel, Froakie or Fennekin. I already tried GTS, but it was a failure as most people want legendaries. To go a little faster...
  13. Luthien

    Seeking assistance with tradebacks.

    I can happily help you with that. How many Pokes do you need to trade?
  14. Luthien

    GEN VI: LF HA Tyrunt

    Can you breed me one? I have Speed Boost Torchic or Protean Froakie?
  15. Luthien

    Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow

    Thanks! So it means it hasn't been changed, then? That's a relief!
  16. Luthien

    Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow

    Hello! So, I downloaded Yellow to my 3DS this weekend. I have been having a BLAST! This game is so simple I finally understand why I loved it so much in the first place 20 years ago! I have female Nidoran which I want to evolve, not without learning a cool move like Bite, but while researching...
  17. Luthien

    Extra Event Mew Code!

    If someone magically has another one...I'm from México and it's physically impossible for me to go to GameStop. Thanks!
  18. Luthien

    Pokémon X/Y Friend Safari/Code Sharing Thread **READ THE OP**

    Please message me after you add me! I'll add you immediatly! FC: 3282 2816 1564 (Luthien) I have a WATER friend safari: Krabby, Azumarrill and something else I don't know....lol.
  19. Luthien

    Looking for MALE Timburr (Or Gurdurr/Conkeldurr)

    With these: ~ Drain Punch ~ Ice Punch ~ ThunderPunch ~ Mach Punch / Fire Punch I can offer almost any Pokemon with, at least, 5IVs or even 6IVs if you have a little more patience. Edit: Also looking for a female Timburr with Iron Fist. Thanks.
  20. Luthien

    GEN VI: Looking for Krabby or Kingler

    Add me. Luthien: 3282 2816 1564 There are Krabby in my Safari.