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Search results

  1. Luthien

    Looking for shiny Yveltal

    I missed it from two weeks ago since I was on vacation....I have a Mew or I can trade a Shiny Xerneas. Both of them legit, of course. Thank you.
  2. Luthien

    Need help w/National Dex

    Hi! I am a looong way of completing the National Dex, I need it so I can obtain the Shiny Charm. In exchange for helping me I can help with evolution trades or give HA Sneasel, Froakie or Fennekin. I already tried GTS, but it was a failure as most people want legendaries. To go a little faster...
  3. Luthien

    Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow

    Hello! So, I downloaded Yellow to my 3DS this weekend. I have been having a BLAST! This game is so simple I finally understand why I loved it so much in the first place 20 years ago! I have female Nidoran which I want to evolve, not without learning a cool move like Bite, but while researching...
  4. Luthien

    Looking for MALE Timburr (Or Gurdurr/Conkeldurr)

    With these: ~ Drain Punch ~ Ice Punch ~ ThunderPunch ~ Mach Punch / Fire Punch I can offer almost any Pokemon with, at least, 5IVs or even 6IVs if you have a little more patience. Edit: Also looking for a female Timburr with Iron Fist. Thanks.
  5. Luthien

    GEN VI: Looking for 4 IVs Honedge!

    Hi! I am looking for, at least, 4 IVS Honedge! To offer I have: Timid Noibat (Lvl. 1) Ability: Infiltrator Outstanding Potential: 31 IVS Sp. Attack 31 IVS Sp. Defense 31 IVS Defense 31 IVS Speed. I also have a female with Frisk, although she is like lvl 30.
  6. Luthien

    How is damaged calculated?

    So, I'm training a Tyrannitar. His starts: Nature: Adamant HP: 205 Level: 55 Attack: 224 Defense: 156 Sp. Atk: 103 Sp. Def: 132 Speed: 95 His attacks: Rock Slide Earthquake Now, my REAL QUESTION: I want to teach him an Electric attack and a Fire attack. My real problem is...
  7. Luthien

    I have a Victiny I would like to trade

    For a GameStop Keldeo. I have a Level 15. Victiny I caught in Liberty Garden (Legit!) to trade for it......I live in Mexico so I'm not traveling to the US until December this year.....well when the Keldeo promotion is over. Can any one trade me one (Or at least for Pokedex Information)...
  8. Luthien


    So, yesterday I hatched my first shiny pokemon! It is a Shiny Charmander, female and with modest nature. According to the analysis made by the guy at the Gear Station, it is: If the IV total is between 121 and 150: "This Pokémon has relatively superior potential overall." If the highest...
  9. Luthien

    Hacked or Not?

    I just recieved this pokemon, and I don't know if it's hacked. Personally I think his stats are way too high. It's Japanese in name. Look: Celebi Bashful nature. April. 13, 2007 Hoenn Arrived at Lv. 100 Attack: 226 Defense: 232 Sp. Atk: 225 Sp. Def: 206 Speed: 205 It was caught in...