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  1. J

    Preview JN059: The Lost Sarunori! Who is the Trainer!?

    ...you know, it's actually pretty hilarious, in a sad and twisted way, that the writers are literally making Pokemon fall into Goh's lap while he's sleeping. It's as though the writers think Goh isn't catching enough Pokemon, so they are now trying to have him catch Pokemon in his sleep. Of...
  2. J

    SPECIAL BONUS: Pokémon Sun & Moon Anime Production Settei Art!

    https://img.mandarake.co.jp/aucimg/8/4/1/1/0001808411.jpeg While I wasn't the biggest fan of Ash's SM design, I think he looks really nice here! This seems to be a nice mix between XY and final SM design: his face zags aren't as prominent while the lines and features are sharp like in XY, but...
  3. J

    Pokemon Natures

    While Ash's Greninja from the Sun and Moon Special Demo would have its nature reset upon being transferred to the full game; prior to being transferred, Ash's Greninja would have a hardy nature
  4. J

    Preview JN060: Aim to Be a Scallion Master! Charge with Chivalry!!

    Wow, we're heading back already? Is this the first time in JN that we'll be seeing a location (that's not Vermilion City) for the second time?
  5. J

    Pokemon DVR Ratings Thread

    So... it's been quite some time since I updated this thread, but now DVR ratings for Episodes 40-54 have been updated for both series in the OP. Comparing corresponding episodes for Pokémon (2019) (or Pokémon JN, as it's now more commonly abbreviated as) to Pokémon Sun and Moon, it would seem...
  6. J

    Pokemon Journeys: Thoughts So Far

    I see, thanks for your troubles.
  7. J

    News Pokémon Journeys Replaces Its Series Director

    Is this normal for an anime series? I was under the impression that the creative process behind the scenes would be more close-knitted, but now it seems that they work separately from each other? Oh, and slight update. Based on the latest weekly report from Video Research Ltd., make it 3.6%...
  8. J

    Pokemon Journeys: Thoughts So Far

    Apparently this issue has an interview with Shoji Yonemura, so if you don't mind, can you check whether the interview excerpt I posted before comes from this issue? If it is, can you see whether there are any other interesting tidbits? Thanks! If Ash is only forgetting stuff like type...
  9. J

    Pokemon Journeys: Thoughts So Far

    Thanks. I've looked around, and apparently the interview was from the 2020-08 issue of Animedia. Maybe someone on here or the other forum has that magazine and could confirm?
  10. J

    News Pokémon Journeys Replaces Its Series Director

    https://ja.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/%E5%B0%8F%E5%B9%B3%E9%BA%BB%E7%B4%80 Apparently she's been part of the storyboard for Naruto/Boruto since 2007, so she should still be fine. I do hope she lands on her feet, as I do not feel the faults with Pokemon JN lie with her.
  11. J

    Pokemon Journeys: Thoughts So Far

    Well, this is embarrassing. I guess I must have misremembered. If by any chance, do you know whether Dephender has the rest of the interview?
  12. J

    Pokemon Journeys: Thoughts So Far

    Thanks, I remember Dephender on Serebii had made a translation for this interview, I just couldn't find where it is. And this is simply amazing, the SERIES COORDINATOR for Pokemon JN believes that a core personality trait of Ash is forgetfulness. See guys, this is why JN030 and JN036 happened...
  13. J

    Pokemon Journeys: Thoughts So Far

    Sorry for the thread bump, but I found an excerpt of an interview with Shoji Yonemura which may shed some light on the way Ash was developed in Pokemon JN. Apparently in the above excerpt, Yonemura states that characters which have already been developed are harder to write for, which is why...
  14. J

    News Pokémon Journeys Replaces Its Series Director

    This is basically my sentiment. While ratings have been dropping overall due to changes in demographics since Pokemon first aired, the mainstays for Top 10 weekly anime have actually not changed that much, with Sazae-San, Chibi-Maruko Chan, Crayon Shin-Chan, Doraemon, One Piece, and Detective...
  15. J

    News Pokémon Journeys Replaces Its Series Director

    While that is true, it is worth noting that the replacement only occurred from AG169 onwards, which is near the end of the AG series. Furthermore, it is also worth noting that, relatively speaking, Pokemon AG had the previous worst record for viewership ratings up till Pokemon SM, with only...
  16. J

    Obscure Pokémon anime trivia

    This may just be a coincidence, but for DP007's "Professor Oak's Big Pokémon Encyclopedia" segment, Professor Oak, while on the subject of Pokemon Breeders, stated that top Pokemon Breeders would often become Doctors or Professors to further their skills, which is the path Brock decided to take...
  17. J

    Canonizing the Protagonists

    Another point for Serena is in the latest legendary event, when they showed that Serena was the one who saw the past message from Professor Sycamore in Couriway Town
  18. J

    One, Two, Three (Version 3)

    I don't think it's been shared here yet, but we finally have an official full version for One, Two, Three (Version 3): View: https://youtu.be/nX6-TGFwBcQ I definitely like this better than Version 2, but I am still undecided on whether I like Version 1 or Version 3 more.
  19. J

    Preview JN058: Panic! Gokulin Ball!! / Come on, Kamukame - The Turtle Race!

    Yea, I saw the summary which has been uploaded after I made my original post. Disappointing, guess I will have to wait for another time for James to win something
  20. J

    Preview JN058: Panic! Gokulin Ball!! / Come on, Kamukame - The Turtle Race!

    For the second half of the episode, I really hope James is the one who enters and, more importantly, actually wins. The last time James came first in a competition is over 10 years ago, when he stood in for Jessie in a Pokemon Contest (DP146). If we only count competitions where he was...