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  1. Jersey Jimmy

    Preview SM139: Birth! The Alola Champion!!

    the madman actually did it. idk about you guys, but Ash winning his first League with a team of five is hilarious retribution for Unova to me.
  2. Jersey Jimmy

    The Characters in Pokémon Masters

    I am so unbelievably hyped that they actually put Roxie in from the start and made her a 4-star, and gave her a fantastic voice. like, they didn't have to do that for me, but they did. god bless 'em.
  3. Jersey Jimmy

    Dynamax: Thoughts, Feelings, or Concerns

    lmao, striking Megas and half the entire dex from the very code in favor of "it got bigger" you're a fucking idiot if you buy this game. stop enabling them.
  4. Jersey Jimmy

    Controversial opinions

    Roxie had possibly the best gym battle of BW. More leaders need to be made out to be absolute juggernauts, and that was a great example. it also helps that she's my single favorite character in all of pokemon
  5. Jersey Jimmy

    Pokemon The What if Strike Back!

    I'm genuinely amazed Ash has never had a Psychic-type. I think him getting an Espeon during Johto would've made the most sense when taking popularity into account, but I'm sure there could've been a lot of potential candidates. I'd like to see Haunter on his team. Plus, we would've seen Sabrina...
  6. Jersey Jimmy

    Shippers’ Paradise Competition results

    I won an award! Thanks for putting this together, guys! It was nice to be able to write some GracefulShipping again. Congrats to Natalie, Bloodstained, and Krspace, too! You can share it publicly.
  7. Jersey Jimmy

    Do you prefer tough/agressive, sweet/gentle/nice, or more neutral looking Pokemon?

    My top three are Porygon-Z, Medicham, and Scolipede. Porygon-Z and Medicham are both pretty neutral-looking (with Pory-Z in particular being pretty cute just by being a complete dork), while Scolipede is a tough-looking Pokemon that can look silly because of its eternally bored expression. I...
  8. Jersey Jimmy

    Spoilers Official Let's Go Pikachu/Let's Go Eevee Discussion Thread

    "M-Misty has a S-Starmie guys, the game w-won't be dumbshit easy...!" Proceed to one-shot it with Chinese knockoff Z-Move. Also, why does the art make out all the gym leaders to be around 4'2"?
  9. Jersey Jimmy

    The End of TCG for Russia & Increasing EU Price

    Cool, another reason to hate the United States government.
  10. Jersey Jimmy

    -FINISHED- Shippers' Paradise Short Story/Poetry Competition 2018

    After the window for entries closes, can I add another part to the story before posting it elsewhere?
  11. Jersey Jimmy

    Short Story - Defog (Winona x Wallace)

    Winona was starting to lose track of how long she’d been draped across the couch. A glance towards the window confirmed it was late into the night, and she’d long since tuned out whatever was on the television. Even when she was paying attention, it was merely an attempt to distract herself...
  12. Jersey Jimmy

    -FINISHED- Shippers' Paradise Short Story/Poetry Competition 2018

    Having no clue what to write is fun. Ah, well, it's 500-1000 words. Shouldn't be too hard to get through once I have an idea.
  13. Jersey Jimmy

    Are there any type combinations/concepts you want to see in future games?

    I know we already have Frost Rotom, but an Electric/Ice Pokemon with Adaptability would be wild. Give it some Fire coverage after that for stuff like Magnezone, and you're golden.
  14. Jersey Jimmy

    Music Rate The Music Above (Ver. 2)

    6/10; this just isn't my kind of music. Some parts of the beat sound like they could be in a Wipeout game, though, so that's cool. Now for something completely different.
  15. Jersey Jimmy

    What are your game headcanons?

    Humans are technically a species of Pokemon, and as such, have typings. Most are pure Normal-type, but some have a secondary type that grants them specific abilities - for instance, Roxie being Normal/Poison would grant her immunity to poisonous substances. On top of that, a select few have a...
  16. Jersey Jimmy

    DISCUSSION: How long is too long for a chapter?

    I was checking the chapter lengths from My Way, the last full-on chapter-based fic I (partially) wrote, and noted the last chapter I completed was around 3,200 words. I think that's a pretty solid length for me, personally. I can't see myself writing a chapter longer than 5,000, though I've also...
  17. Jersey Jimmy

    What's Your Favorite Pokémon (Generations 3 and 4)

    For Gen 3, Medicham (more specifically Mega Medicham). I know a lot of people don't like its design, but that was never really a problem for me. It has a cool type and a fantastic ability. That's enough for me. For Gen 4, my absolute favorite Pokemon, Porygon-Z. I've always loved the Porygon...
  18. Jersey Jimmy

    Tell us what you think of the Pokemon above....

    Cute! Cute!!! Original Vulpix is better, in my opinion. Porygon-Z
  19. Jersey Jimmy

    Ever wonder how the Contest World is doing?

    Still don't know why they didn't just have Serena do Contests. Sure, they're not in XY, but neither are Showcases. Plus, they could've brought back some coordinators for an episode or two each. I miss Zoey.
  20. Jersey Jimmy

    What party did you use against Team RR

    I played through Ultra Moon as Roxie and did an in-character adventure log. I used some of her normal team against Rainbow Rocket, but also trained up a couple new members. -Scolipede -Mega Gengar -Toxicroak -Salazzle -Alolan Muk -Naganadel