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  1. Jersey Jimmy

    Short Story - Defog (Winona x Wallace)

    Winona was starting to lose track of how long she’d been draped across the couch. A glance towards the window confirmed it was late into the night, and she’d long since tuned out whatever was on the television. Even when she was paying attention, it was merely an attempt to distract herself...
  2. Jersey Jimmy

    GEN VII: LF: Sandile and Cottonee

    Hey guys! I'd really appreciate it if you could help me fill out my team. I need a Sandile from Haina Desert and a Cottonee from Ula'ula Meadow. I don't really need anything else other than them having natures that don't hurt their speed or dominant attacking stat. Thanks in advance if you can help!
  3. Jersey Jimmy

    Start Ups Epidemic

    (@Stitsworth @Lone_Garurumon @Kirby4ever) -------------------- "...and numerous sightings of infected Absol have been made on Route 120. If you're around there, make sure to watch out for them. That's it for updates, here's 'Special Brew.'" Though Winona remained completely stoic as she...
  4. Jersey Jimmy

    Sign Ups Epidemic

    No one's exactly sure where it came from, if it was natural or man-made, or how long it had existed. All anyone knows now is that everything's changed. Things started out relatively normal; a winter sickness outbreak in Kanto, the same type of thing that happened every year. However, this...
  5. Jersey Jimmy

    TEEN: My Way

    -MY WAY- You may or may not remember that at one point, I had plans to write a journeyfic based around my Jimmy character. Consider this the result of those plans. Now that I've roleplayed on Tumblr for a few months, I feel like my writing skills are up to snuff enough as to start this story...
  6. Jersey Jimmy

    COMPLETE: Just A Friend...? (GracefulShipping One-Shot)

    First question: why isn't this in the International House of One-Shots? Simple; it takes place in a canon verse. PokeSpe, to be exact. So, uh... possible RS and Emerald spoilers. Anyway, let's get going! Just a Friend...? As it seemed like it did every day, the sun rose brightly over Fortree...
  7. Jersey Jimmy

    Moves You Don't Get

    Are there any moves in the Pokemon series that you just... don't understand how they'd work? Like, for me, it's Encore. Okay, great, you got your opponent to use the same move again. HOW?! Does it involve some sort of hypnosis? Is the opposing Pokemon just that stupid? I don't know, and I...
  8. Jersey Jimmy

    Trainer Entrance Themes

    Do you think that trainers would have their own specific entrance themes in tournaments and such, similar to professional wrestling or mixed martial arts? If so, what would you think some canon trainers' themes would be? Personally, I think this would fit Elesa rather well...
  9. Jersey Jimmy

    Sign Ups Absolution

    Five years ago. Without warning. September 5, 2012... that was the day the Event happened. Nobody, then or since, came up with a reason. All people who can remember know was that at 5:32 AM, Eastern time, a blinding white light overtook nearly the entire planet. Once it dissipated, just under...
  10. Jersey Jimmy

    A picture by my friend...

    So my friend Muumi on Know Your Meme posted a drawing request thread, and I requested Winona as she appears in my fanfics sleeping. Here's the result of that! She's even using Altaria as a pillow! This thread has the rest of Muumi's art, if you're interested. He's really good!
  11. Jersey Jimmy

    COMPLETE: Jimmy's International House of One-Shots [Homecoming] [TEEN]

    What's up, guys? For the past couple of weeks, I had been thinking of what to do once my first fic came to a close. Writing is one of those constants that I've always done, and I felt that once the story was finished I'd be left in a sort of void. Well, that void can screw right off, for I...
  12. Jersey Jimmy

    Favorite Attacks In Pokemon Rumble?

    Pretty simple idea for a thread. What are your favorite attacks based on how they work in the Rumble games? Personally, mine is Razor Wind. It activates, and you can run around slamming into everybody; it's so fucking fun. I have it on a Punchy++ Shiftry in Blast, coupled with Amnesia to make...
  13. Jersey Jimmy

    Possible Mass Shooting at Pokemon World Championships Stopped By Boston Police

    So... er... this happened. If you don't want to click the link, basically a couple of guys from Iowa with a bunch of unregistered weapons drove out to Boston and were apparently going to... make themselves famous at the PWC, if you will. I don't know what their motives could possibly be (my best...
  14. Jersey Jimmy

    About Dawn and Zoey...

    Okay, serious question: what would have happened had they tried to incorporate a romantic relationship between Dawn and Zoey? It would've been interesting to see such an issue tackled in the anime, but would the "moral" outrage have been too great in 'Murica and some other places? Sure, The...
  15. Jersey Jimmy

    Contest Hoenn's True Regional Bird

    Okay, this has been bugging me for a while. Tailow and Swellow are commonly accepted as the "regional bird line" of Hoenn, but Wingull and Pelipper are much more common. Plus, as Talonflame taught us, the regional bird doesn't have to be Normal/Flying (I still think Hoothoot and Noctowl should...
  16. Jersey Jimmy

    Awesome Spinoffs That Will Never Happen

    Have you ever had an idea for a Pokemon game outside the main series? I'm sure we all have at least once. Was that idea so blatantly ridiculous and unrealistic that there's no possible way it could ever happen? Post it in this thread. For one, I had this idea for a third-person shooter called...
  17. Jersey Jimmy

    Start Ups Pokemon Wrestling Federation

    NOTE: This RP will begin at the Royal Rumble. A great way to introduce a character you want to control is by having them appear as an entrant. "Ladies and gentlemen... it is time... for the ROYAL! RUMBLE! MATCH!" The Anistar City crowd was whipped into yet another frenzy upon the...
  18. Jersey Jimmy

    GEN VI: Need a Haunter.

    Hey, I need a Haunter (aka Gengar). Nothing is required, but I'd prefer for it to be between levels 45-55, male, and with a good nickname (like, say, Specter).
  19. Jersey Jimmy

    Contest Hoenn's True Champion?

    To you, who is the canon Champion of Hoenn - Wallace or Steven?
  20. Jersey Jimmy

    Last thing you ate?

    Simple. What was the last thing you nom nom nommed? I had a roast beef-and-kosher dill pickle sandwich on a kaiser roll, some wavy ranch-flavored potato chips, and a Pibb Xtra.