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  1. GalacticRonpa

    Preview SM139: Birth! The Alola Champion!!

    I don't think they'd spoil the winner just like that, a couple of days before the episode. As far as I remember no one knew who'd win the Kalos League until the episode aired (there was even rumors about Flare-dan interrupting Satoshi and Alan's battle). In other sagas Satoshi never made it to...
  2. GalacticRonpa

    Preview SM139: Birth! The Alola Champion!!

    Originally I'd say that Satoshi's chances of winning'd be next to 0%, but since SM broke so many patterns and became almost a whole new show, I guess his chances increased? In real I can see both of them as the champion. Maybe his victory'll lead to the yet-to-be-revealed new saga and that's...