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Search results

  1. J

    GEN VI: Looking for Diancie! [EU code]

    Hi there! I would love to have the recent event Diancie! I live in Finland, and sadly all of the codes in my local/near stores have been given out. [I don't know how many codes was sent to the stores in other regions, but I've heard Finnish Gamestops only got 60 per store] I need the...
  2. J

    Looking for Meloetta, remaining shiny event legendaries

    Is anyone willing to trade me a Meloetta? Meloetta is one of my favorite Pokémon, but sadly I wasn't able to attend the event. : / Sadly I can't give that much back either, but if you are willing to give me one, I would appriciate it a lot! I'm also looking for the shiny Palkia and Giratina of...
  3. J

    Help to complete my BW2 team! Rufflet, Elgyem, Axew needed as EGGS + Keldeo transfer

    I just began my Black 2, and I realized, that if I'm gonna catch my team members from the wild, I need to wait for them quite a long time. [And Rufflet isn't even available in my game.] Thus, I decided to get them as eggs. So the Pokémon I would like to have, are following: Rufflet, Axew and...
  4. J

    Just something I made for Game Freak's 23rd Anniversary~ and one extra!

    Game Freak turns 23 today, so I did a little drawing for Juni-san [My nickname for Masuda, We have tweeted to each other quite much already, so it's okay for him XD Also, he calls me "Ibu-chan"~] and the whole of Game Freak! Masuda retweeted and commented: Mew?&GF!RT @eve_19931001: I would...
  5. J

    Are you happy that BW doesn`t include old Pokémon in the main game?

    I just wondered if you guys are happy that you don`t see old Mons in the main game. If you ask me, I`m really happy. I just love to use new Pokémon, and anyways, If they were in the main game, I just probably would catch them to full my Dex, nothing more. And besides, who thought that it isn`t...
  6. J

    Ponytail Shipping - Zoroark x Ninetales?

    I found out this new shipping when I looked Zoroark and thought of Ninetales : D It`s FurryPonytail Shipping. Basically Zoroark x Ninetales shipping! XD And Ponytail, `cos Zoro has one, and Ninetales has lots of tails too~ Does anyone think this is good shipping? XD Oh, and of course...