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  1. Cilan

    Most annoying gym puzzles

    Candice's puzzle drove me crazy. It took me 3 days to finally get to her. Lt. Surge's also annoyed me because the switches would always reset if you didn't pick the right one.
  2. Cilan

    How did you first react to discovering your rival as Champion in Gen 1?

    I got into the games late so I didn't get to play a Kanto game until FireRed came out, but I was still pretty new with the Pokemon games and I made sure to avoid spoilers about the older games. When I first saw Blue standing in the Champion room, I was less shocked and more just wondering how...
  3. Cilan

    Rival Showdown! Who's your favorite rival?

    I didn't include Wally, Shauna, Tierno, or Trevor in the poll only because I consider Brendan/May as your primary rival in the Hoenn games and Calem/Serena your primary rival in XY (and I didn't want the poll to be too long) but they still count so if one of them is your favorite then say so :)...
  4. Cilan

    Would the anime be as successful today if they replaced Ash early on?

    I've been curious/pondering this for a while and I figured I'd decide to make a topic about it and get other people's opinions. Now we know that Ash is meant to represent Red, the playable character in the Gen 1 games. Gold, the male protagonist in the Gen 2 games, ended up getting an anime...
  5. Cilan

    Ash/Satoshi as the main protagonist

    Do you like Ash as the main protagonist of the Pokemon anime? What do you wish that the writers did/should do with him to improve his character? Do you think that he's a good trainer? I personally think that Ash is the Pokemon anime. He's been there since day one and he's pretty much become as...
  6. Cilan

    Team Aqua and Team Magma, can they get a second chance?

    Team Aqua and Team Magma were handled horribly in AG and the Groudon and Kyogre finale was rushed as all hell. Now I know that Team Flare are the main villains in XY, but could it be possible to add in the updated Aqua and Magma from the remakes? Maybe they could have their own arc like Team...
  7. Cilan

    Saddest goodbye in the anime?

    Whether it's a pokemon being released or a former traveling companion leaving towards the end of the series, there have been quite a few emotional goodbyes in the anime. For me, the top 2 saddest goodbyes were James leaving Cacnea with Gardenia and Jessie releasing Dustox. These two episodes...
  8. Cilan

    Pokemon with Pokerus

    Here's a list of pokemon I am willing to trade off :) - Female Chaizard (with Pokerus and the Y Mega Stone if you want) - Male and Female Froakie (both have Protean and currently the male has Pokerus but I can give it to the female as well) - Ditto (I'm not sure if Ditto can get the Pokerus but...
  9. Cilan

    Ash's best and worst League battles

    My all time favorite Ash league battle is Charizard vs. Harrison's Blaziken during the Silver Conference. I remember that battle being one of the most exciting things I've seen in Pokemon as a kid and I still think it's a great battle. I also liked Ash's battle against Gary in the same league...
  10. Cilan

    Episode N: Did the anime do the arc justice?

    For the most part I think that the arc was handled very well. I was surprised to hear the anime bring up the whole idea about humans and pokemon being separated, especially with N's sisters. N himself was also handled very well although he could be a bit reckless at times (jumping in front of an...
  11. Cilan

    Anyone else getting AG vibes from the XY series?

    I remember back when BW was brand new and a lot of people were saying it was like a reboot of the original series, mostly due to the group dynamic. While I didn't quite get that feeling with BW, the group in XY is already giving me vibes of the AG group. From the opening it looks like we'll have...
  12. Cilan

    What was with 4Kids adding so many Pokeshipping hints?

    Were the writers at 4Kids Pokeshippers or something? They added so many hints towards the relationship between Ash and Misty that wasn't there in the original. Meanwhile with their dub of Yu-Gi-Oh most of the things with Yugi's crush on Tea and Tea's crush on Yami were taken out. Why do you...
  13. Cilan

    Do you like the "dialogue heavy" episodes?

    Episodes where there's a lot of talking and explaining, like Cilan's Pokémon Detective episodes or the episode involving N's backstory, do you like those episodes or do you find them boring? I personally don't mind them since I usually don't mind a lot of dialogue. In Cilan's case it can be fun...
  14. Cilan

    Why didn't they use Team Rocket's Unova motto music more often?

    Pokémon Anime Sound Collection- Team Rocket's Unova Motto/Theme (Instrumental) - YouTube This is what I'm talking about, the background music that played in the background for their Unova motto. Why didn't they use it more often? After a while they went back to the DP motto music, but I think...
  15. Cilan

    Are the Eeveelutions overrated?

    I think it's cool that Eevee has so many different evolutions, but do you think that it really needs so many and are the evolutions overrated? Battle wise in the games they're not that strong of battlers, or at least that's from my own experience. I think the best battler is Leafeon since it...
  16. Cilan

    Do you prefer 3 traveling companions or 4?

    Ash always travels with at least 2 other companions, Misty and Brock, Dawn and Brock, and now Iris and Cilan. AG gave us 4 companions with the addition of Max, and I think that the group worked a little better with 4. While Ash and May were off training or doing their own thing, Brock and Max...
  17. Cilan

    Do you like the way the anime portrayed N/Team Plasma?

    (I'm a little late to the party so forgive me if this thread exists already.) Episode N is going on in the dub right now and after catching up on it I think that they did a pretty good job with staying true to N's character and Team Plasma's goal. I was afraid that they would tone N down...
  18. Cilan

    Did you like the way the anime portrayed N/Team Plasma?

    Forgive me if there's a thread like this already. After catching up on Episode N, I have to say that I'm pretty happy with how the anime portrayed these characters. N is pretty close to his game counterpart and I think he's probably one of the most well developed characters. I also like how the...
  19. Cilan

    Do you think that May should have gotten some Johto specials?

    I know I'm late with this since May's been off the show for years, but I always wondered why she was the only past character that never got a special (well, Max too, but he doesn't have a pokemon.) Misty and Brock got Chronicles episodes, and with Brock he got that DP special, Dawn got a...
  20. Cilan

    Which Champion was the easiest/hardest to beat?

    The easiest for me was probably Wallace in Emerald, since I had Sceptile and Manectric at a good level. The hardest was Lance and his three Dragonite in SoulSilver.