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    GEN VI: Destiny Knot

    Hi Im looking for a destiny knot. i can offer 3IV phanpy with ice shard or pokemon with pokerus. please help. i accidentally discarded mine and i can't seem to get beauty aimee to appear in lumiose city. FC: 4313-1123-3507 Jean EDIT: finally found aimee and got the destiny knot
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    3IV ice shard impish phanpy

    Hey guys, I have some spare 3IV Impish Phanpy with the egg move Ice Shard. Each Phanpy may have a combination of 3 perfect IV's in ATK, DEF, HP, or SPE. You may request for a specific combination provided they are still available. At best, im looking for 3-4IV bred pokemon. But feel free to...
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    Hello. does anyone have a phanpy safari? i really need one so i can breed some. my FC is 4313-1123-3507 i have pyroar, magmar, and braxien. EDIT: already got it. thanks
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    Charizardite X

    Offering a Charizardite X for a Mawilite and pokerus pokemon. thanks. pm me for offers. FC: 4313-1123-3507
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    GEN VI: Pokerus

    Hi could anyone spare me a pokerus infected pokemon? i dont have much to trade. can probably give some evo stones. a shiny stone maybe. thanks FC: 4313-1123-3507
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    hi im playing black 2 and would really like to play through it with a togepi. i can offer some egg move pokemon. rock blast shellder, dragon dance ice punch drain punch scraggy, dw gligar, dw dratini, dw poliwag, and some few basic pokemon. but all of those are from my pokemon black. so...
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    need a growlithe

    i need a growlithe for breeding in pokemon black. i can offer dw gligars and dw dratinis. i also have some dragon dance ice punch scraggy and some other egg move pokemon. pm me if your interested. tnx. 2021 9675 4056 pokemon black