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    Graphics Thread

    Surprised nobody made a thread bout this, was thinking about it for the past few weeks. So anyway, this topic could be split into many subtopics, the one's I'd have for it are: Pokemon Models Character Models Overworld Move Animations Menu Design Sprites Of course, I may be forgetting a lot of...
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    Riding: What are they going to do with it?

    In X and Y, they introduced the idea of Riding Pokemon. I remember the hype and speculation that happened when it was first officially revealed. Sadly, the idea was executed pretty badly (IMO) and did not fulfill its full potential. So, do you guys think this feature will return? The way it...
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    New Types / Type Changes

    Title says it all. We got Fairy last gen. Sure, new types don't happen often, but we see that GF is willing to break traditions now. So why not? Also, "Sun and Moon"? You mean like "Light and Dark"? Let the Light type theories be revived. (Maybe that's why they have those little revives in...
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    Pet peeves you want addressed in Gen VII

    "Pet peeves" might not be the entirely correct term to use here, but basically I mean things that don't affect the game in a super major way (like new Pokemon, mechanics, region, moves etc. do), but mostly things that are happening behind the scenes that you find annoying. Basically, I've...
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    Two Bikes or One?

    Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald are the only games where they introduced TWO bicycles, each with their own features. There's the Acro Bike, which, although slower than the other one, allowed you to do tricks and even "hop" on. And there's the super-fast Mach Bike, which is fast enough to go up...
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    Guess the names of future Pokemon games!

    Long ago, at the time Pokemon X and Y were announced, I read an article on some website that said that the name "X and Y" was predicted for a Pokemon game back in 2008, even before Black and White were announced! It was on some Yahoo! Questions thing. Here's the article itself, if you wanna...
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    Favourite Pokemon Game Music

    Throughout their history of over 15 years, the Pokemon games have produced some awesome soundtracks in each generation, some recurring and some new. My favourite recurring themes are the Opening theme (imo, B2/W2's version was the best) and the Pokemon Center theme (imo, X/Y's version was...
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    Need Meleotta/Jirachi/Shaymin

    I am willing to offer a Manaphy OR Darkrai for any ONE of the Pokemon listed: Mew Jirachi Shaymin Keldeo Meleotta The Manaphy will be at lvl. 1, and depending on the level of the Pokemon you give, I can give you a Darkrai lvl. 50 or lvl. 100. I am ALSO willing to offer ANY...
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    Ways of Finding Wild Pokemon in X/Y

    From the very first generation, we had more than just one way of finding Pokemon in the wild. It all began with the Tall Grass, right outside Pallet Town. Later, we would venture into caves, voyage across the seas, and even learn how to fish. We also had some other stranger places, like the...
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    X and Y Version Differences and Exclusives

    Of course, we all know that when two versions of a Pokemon game are announced, they are similar, but they each have differences to each other. And such is the case for X and Y; both games will have differences in their Pokemon distribution, city design, items, trainers, gym leaders, and some...