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    Study suggests genetic link between homosexual men and their maternal relatives.

    Character length in the title box prevented me from elaborating the title beyond the obvious, but hopefully everyone understands what's implied. Factors Associated with Higher Fecundity in Female Maternal Relatives of Homosexual Men - Camperio Ciani - 2012 - The Journal of Sexual Medicine -...
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    Cupid's Associates: A Shippers Profiling Thread;

    This was approved by Roronoa Zorua. Not sure on the extra post on the bottom though. With so many shippers known here, posting in many threads, it’s hard to know what exactly they like and where their stance is on shipping. So, I figured it would help us all if we were to make profiles for...
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    What types of shipping fanfiction do you you like to read?

    *Obligatory "If-this-does-sit-well-with-rules-please-close-it" statement here* A whole bunch of shippers who have ever shipped a ship have most likely read stories made by authors who support the same ship, in order to see the ship in a new light or from a different angle. But what kind of...