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    63cohen's Helping Thread (gift shop inside)

    I guess you can call this a shop, but in less ways than others. If anyone needs help with Photoshop, please post in this thread and I can give answers. If you need something done, I'll try my best to get it done. I have certifications in Photoshop, so little will stump me. The gift shop is...
  2. 6

    Sin characters

    If you know what I mean by Sin, skip ahead. What I mean by Sin is a dark counterpart with mostly white and black. It comes from the Yugioh 3D movie set for Feb 26 release. Sin monsters take the appearance of the original, but with black and white wings or features. Here is an example of an...
  3. 6

    Artisian Shop: Gotta go Interstellar

    I figure I might as well start a shop of my own, since I am also trying to help totodile113 out, why not give it a chance here. Here is my deviantArt gallary, I usually post some of my stuff that I am most proud of there first. http://cohenmarioman.deviantart.com/gallery/ Here are some of...
  4. 6

    Chances of Official Subs?

    What do you the forum think is the chance we could get official subs from TCPi? Seeing as 4kids has went ahead and made official subs for Sonic X and Yuigoh 5Ds, why should Pokemon fans be left out? Why could TCPi not go ahead and make some official subs of some episodes? Chances? Thoughts?
  5. 6

    Top 10

    The game is simple. I list a top 10 question, and everyone list below until we reach one. The person who reaches one makes a new top 10, and the next person starts at 10 for that one. Top 10 Reasons to have a crossover with Ash and Brandon and Diamond 10. To see how much they stack up.
  6. 6

    Compare above user to a Pokemon

    Compare the above user to any Pokemon and explain if you wish. No one to compare, I leave myself open.
  7. 6

    ABCs of Pokemon

    A is for Annabel B is for ...
  8. 6

    Pokemon OP/ED set to different Music

    I came across this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLAjXbSXP3M. It uses music from another anime, and I think it is one of the best videos of Pokemon I have seen. Opinions? If you have any links to pokemon openings/endings like this, please share. Another one, this time the awesome Believe in...
  9. 6

    Gotta Buy them All

    I think this video by College Humor was quite well done. And it is quite a good parody. http://www.collegehumor.com/video:1933763
  10. 6

    Rate how well the poster above you is

    Rate how well known the above poster is. You can use this site, another forum, or real life as reference. Also, give some reason and allow for a response. 0/0
  11. 6

    Rate Sig

    Game is simple, rate the sig of the person above you. Just please do not post more that 6 times a day, over rating will get boring. 0/0