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  1. Araragi-hakase

    Notice Do Not Post Voice Actors Contacts or Brag About Having Them

    Hi everyone! I know many anime fans are very excited to come in contact with their favorite voice actors/actresses, but please DO NOT share their personal details (including e-mails, Facebook profiles, etc) here on Bulba. This also includes bragging about having said details. Don't even...
  2. Araragi-hakase

    What happens to reported posts?

    So, what happens to the post after you hit that report button? How does the staff know about it? How long will it take to get taken care of or answered? I made a little tutorial to let users know a bit more about how the process works. What happens when a post is reported? This is a...
  3. Araragi-hakase

    Simple Questions, Simple Answers: Pokemon Collecting Edition

    This is the thread where you can ask questions such as "is there a plush of this pokemon?" or "what is this piece of pokemon merchandise?", "what set is this card from?" and other collectors can help you! It is not limited to those questions obviously, but it meant as a way of getting a quick...
  4. Araragi-hakase

    Results of the 2014 Staff Drive!

    Hello everyone! I am very happy to announce that this staff drive was successful, and we have decided on the next batch of new moderators that will be joining the staff. Garden Grotto Samwin; BulbaGarden Battle Center sharkshocker; -Glory Blaze-; DCM; Pokemon Anime Pokemaster97...
  5. Araragi-hakase

    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs 2014

    The play offs just started on Wednesday! Who do you think will win the Stanley Cup this year? What team do you want to win? I'm a huge fan of the Pittsburgh Penguins, so of course I am rooting for them; but if not them, I'd pick the Colorado Avalanche. Not really a Bruins fan, but there's a...
  6. Araragi-hakase

    Notice The 2014 Staff Drive Begins!

    Hello everyone! The time has come once again that we are looking to hire some new staff for the forums. All sections are accepting applications! You can apply for as many sections as you wish, but only once per section. If you made a mistake on your application, please PM me and let me know...
  7. Araragi-hakase

    Review BWS02: Iris VS Ibuki! The Road to Become a Dragon Master!!

    SS028 - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia
  8. Araragi-hakase

    Review XY021: Debut! Serena and Fokko on Pokévision!!

    XY021 - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia
  9. Araragi-hakase

    Shigeru/Gary as a rival

    Do you think Shigeru/Gary was an interesting rival for Satoshi/Ash? How do you feel about his character development and choice to pursue being a scientist?
  10. Araragi-hakase

    May/Haruka as a companion

    Do you think May was a good traveling companion for Ash/Satoshi? Do you wish things had been done differently with her? Do you think she worked well towards achieving her goal of being a Coordinator? How did you feel about her overall character development? Do you think she had a good send...
  11. Araragi-hakase

    Dawn/Hikari as a companion

    Hikari is my personal favorite of all of the girls that have traveled with Satoshi over the years. I felt that their personalities brought the best out in each other, and that they pushed one another to do better in their goals. I enjoyed watching her development as a coordinator and with her...
  12. Araragi-hakase

    Brock/Takeshi as a companion

    Do you think Takeshi/Brock was a good traveling companion? Do you think he had a good send off and closure? Do you wish things had been handled differently with him?
  13. Araragi-hakase

    Dento/Cilan as a companion

    Dento is one of my personal favorite traveling companions; he had a fun personality with many interests and a few memorable Pokemon. However, that's not to say that there are things that could have been improved about him. Why was he so afraid of Choroneko, anyway? Do you think his goal of...
  14. Araragi-hakase

    Shinji/Paul as a rival

    Shinji/Paul is often regarded as one of the best rivals in the entirety of the Pokemon anime saga for many reasons; from the way he interacted with Satoshi/Ash, to how he handled training his own Pokemon as a whole in only keeping and training the best ones, which showed to often pay off in his...
  15. Araragi-hakase

    Notice Christmas Contests Begin & XY Forums Merged!

    As you may have already noticed, our Current Events XY Video Games and XY Anime forums have been merged in with the Pokemon Video Games forum and Pokémon Anime, respectively. And second and most importantly, our Christmas Contests have begun! We have a whole forum of festivities on going...
  16. Araragi-hakase

    Notice New Member FAQ (Updated 11-12-13)

    Hi, and welcome to Bulba! This is a quick guide to some frequently asked questions. If you have a quick question that isn't addressed here, you may post and ask and we will do our best to answer you. If you are having a technical error or have an idea for improving the forum, please make a new...