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  1. LightningTopaz

    EVERYONE: Pokemon: Jackie's Journey

    Many years ago, I attempted a story about a storyteller's spin on a Pokemon journey. So here, I've revisiting the idea, mainly to account for the three generations (Kalos, Alola, and Galar) that came out since that original story. Episode 0: Practicing for the Journey "Okay, Jackie...here's...
  2. LightningTopaz

    HELP: Stuck on Pokemon Storm Gray

    So now that NaNoWriMo is over, I want to get back into writing Pokemon Storm Gray (my remix of the show's Unova arc). However, I've hit a roadblock--what to do about "A Sandile Gusher of Change" now that the Sandile Ash ultimately catches in the real show no longer makes sense in the story I...
  3. LightningTopaz

    EVERYONE: Yearly Session Log for The Jeweled Champions (and Friends)

    (rated E10+ for fantasy violence and frightening images) Now that the Summer One Shot competition is over, I can begin the longer story featuring the Pokemon cast playing "Chambers and Charizards" together that I introduced in my entry, "Munchkins and Mythology". A revised version of that...
  4. LightningTopaz

    WORLDBUILDING: Background on The Jeweled Champions (and Friends)

    Some background on the gang's tabletop roleplaying, as featured in "Munchkins and Mythology", some longer campaign stories, and a miniseries based on the one shot. Once a week (or sometimes more), Ash, Misty, Brock and Serena get together to play "Chambers and Charizards". Sometimes they play...
  5. LightningTopaz

    EVERYONE: Pokemon Storm Gray

    (rated E10+ for fantasy violence) After a bit of a hiatus (and burnout from Shine Diamond), the Pokemon Anime Remix Project resumes with my imagined Unova remix. Be warned--this is not quite the games you remember, and not quite the anime you remember! Prologue: The Way to Unova Ash raced...
  6. LightningTopaz

    EVERYONE: Munchkins and Mythology (Summer one shot contest)

    Here's my entry for the contest, which explores what happens when Gary joins Ash and the gang for a night of tabletop roleplaying, but ends up getting on Brock's nerves when he ends up making the wrong kind of character for the campaign Brock is attempting to run... Ash opened the door and...
  7. LightningTopaz

    Pokemon: Evolution Quest (signups and discussion--3 spots open)

    (This RP is rated E10+) In the far away land of Ardamore, a fantastic version of what is today called Galar, Pokemon existed in harmony with fantastic creatures. It was not unheard of for dragon type Pokemon to rub shoulders with real dragons. But then, some of the dragons grew proud and...
  8. LightningTopaz

    RP Everyone Pokemon: The Journey of Evolution (IC thread)

    @ReadsALotOfBooks It has been three weeks since the Champion Tournament in Wyndon. Chairman Rose, once widely revered across Galar, was now widely shunned by most Galarians for unleashing the primal dragon Pokémon Eternatus during the height of the Champion's Tournament. Fortunately, you and...
  9. LightningTopaz

    EVERYONE: Tales from the Gentle Spring (Tale #12: The Shining Goldeen)

    (rated E10+ for fantasy stage violence and frightening images) With Pokemon Cafe Mix coming out, I've decided to reboot my collection of Pokemonized folk tales into that world--this time, Ash, Misty, and Serena join Brock in weaving tales in the cafe--and there might be a few offstage plots as...
  10. LightningTopaz

    Pokemon: The Journey of Evolution (signups and discussion)

    (rated E10+ for fantasy violence and frightening images. Can be done one on one or with up to three people not counting the host) The basic premise: After emerging victorious in Galar's Gym Challenge, and being hailed as the Hero/Heroine of Galar, Victor and Gloria told you about a large...
  11. LightningTopaz

    WORLDBUILDING: The World of the Gentle Spring Cafe

    Since I'm rebooting my "Brock storytelling" series into a new venue (the cafe from Pokemon Cafe Mix), this thread is to introduce you to the main characters you'll see performing the stories and featuring in the "offstage plots": The Basic Premise: The newest attraction in Pallet Town is a...
  12. LightningTopaz

    EVERYONE: Pokemon: The Jeweled Towers of Armor (some Isle of Armor spoilers ahoy!)

    (rated E10+ for fantasy violence and frightening images) To celebrate the Isle of Armor coming out, I decided to story-fy and expand on the DLC into a much bigger location, and more Urshifu forms to choose from. The story is based on the Sword version of the DLC. While it does follow the DLC at...
  13. LightningTopaz

    EVERYONE: Pokemon: Stars of the Indigo Stage

    (rated E10+ for fantasy stage violence) Prologue: Chelsea's Decision The neon lights of Nimbasa City lit up the night as people came and went about their daily routines. But the busiest district of all was the Trinity District, Nimbasa's famous theater district, with hundreds of glittering...
  14. LightningTopaz

    RP Everyone Pokemon: Stars of the Global Stage (IC thread)

    @ShinyUmbreon1 @GenesectMain @Abigail Rosa Mercia @IWillDestroyYou2 Here we go! (This RP is rated E10+ for fantasy stage violence--meaning any fight scenes are just for show, and the characters are never in any real danger) Any traveler to Unova couldn't leave without seeing the Pokemon...
  15. LightningTopaz

    Pokemon: Warrior of the Red Flute (signups and discussion)

    (rated E10+ for fantasy violence and frightening images) In the world of Ransei, it has been ten years since a young girl took on the notorious warlord Nobunaga, united what was then seventeen kingdoms, and brought peace to the region. Since then, an eighteenth kingdom was discovered--the...
  16. LightningTopaz

    Pokemon: Jewels of the Gekijou (signup and discussion)

    (rated E10+ for fantasy stage violence) The Gekijou theater--just mentioning this ancient form of Kantonian and Johtonian theater conjures up images of larger than life heroes, epic plots (that almost always end at least hopefully), lavish costumes, beautiful melodies played on ancient...
  17. LightningTopaz

    The Jeweled Champions (and Friends) (signups/discussion)

    (rated E10+) In the Pokeworld, what we know as D&D is known as "Chambers and Charizards" (or "Chambers" or "C&C" to fans.) It blends elements of the real game, and some influences from video games and anime. One of the more popular places to stream a Chambers session in the Pokeworld is a...
  18. LightningTopaz

    EVERYONE: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Performers of Harmony

    A little something I threw together to celebrate the release of the MD Red and Blue remake--what if the MD world had theater troupes to inspire and entertain the rescue teams and the explorer teams? (rated E10+ for fantasy stage violence) Act 1: The Curtain Rises For the most part, Harmony...
  19. LightningTopaz

    Pokemon: Stars of the Global Stage (sign ups and discussion)

    (This RP is rated E10+) The Premise: In Unova (and elsewhere) Pokémon Musicals are some of the hottest entertainment, a spectacle where human and Pokémon perform together to tell some of the world's best known fairy tales and adventure stories, as well as lesser known fairy tales and stories...
  20. LightningTopaz

    EVERYONE: Live From the Fireside: Season 16 (ended in this form--being rebooted!)

    @Chimchar98; @Tophat Dragoneye; @Soulmaster; Brock and the gang are back for a sixteenth season, filled with redone old favorites and some brand new tales! Week 401: The Hero's Sword (real tale: The Good Sword) "There was a man who had a son, who lived with him." Brock begins as he arrives...