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    I always keep missing dubs. Any way to get in track?

    I always seem to miss a lot of the new episodes, usually due to the time it airs on Cartoon Network (8 AM seems WAY too early :zzz: ). Any way to stay on track and watch every XY episode (Even the recent Mega Evolution side stories that recently aired)? Either Genuinely (Pokemon TV does not...
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    Any way to hire myself as a voice actor for the dubs?

    Just asking... Because I can voice for Chespin on the dubs...
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    The Pokemon Mystery Dungeon games are hardcore?

    I pre-ordered Gates to Infinity months ago. Then, at launch day, I got my pre-ordered copy. I started playing it, day by day, until i was challenged by a LOT of difficult elements (Traps, Monster Houses, weather, the hard stuff) I started collecting these Revive Seeds (Or whatever it's...
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    Why is the US dubs cable exclusive?

    I already asked this in another thread... I started a new one to simply focus more to this kind of topic. Here is my comment: -=UPDATE=- But, after hearing from the people, I changed the title up. So scratch the idea of moving channels and focus more on why "Cable-Exclusive"?
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    Just got here... Hi!