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    Start Ups Aura Academy

    A great airship floated above the Orange Archipelago. Hundreds of feet above the ocean, it was full of students bound for Aura Academy. The sun had risen a couple hours ago, and many of the students were still sleeping. Attention, all passengers. We're nearing Lemon Island, and will arrive in...
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    Sign Ups Aura Academy (Always open!)

    This is the story of a school were students go to learn miraculous powers. Some of them are humans born with traits of Pokemon, known as Gijinka. Some of them are humans who have trained to attain similar powers, known as Aura Users. And some of them have close bonds with Pokemon, enough to be...
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    Nocturne Academy Discussion

    Alright, this is important. If you don't read this post, you do so at your own risk. The train will arrive at Nocturne Academy tomorrow, real life time. So if you have something to do on the train better hurry. Also, we're accepting applications for the Heir of Castle Nocturne. What does...
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    Paranatural Discussion

    @Infinity Storm @JakkuEbansu Kanon Shirogane Marius @Flaze @theacegamer @SudoWooper I made a discussion thread for Paranatural. Do you want to progress the plot ASAP? Or perhaps have a short section tomorrow where your characters can hang out and go about their lives? Also Marius can your...
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    Start Ups Paranatural

    It was 2 AM in Cedar Peak, Colorado. A medium-sized town in a valley amid the Rocky Mountains, most sane people were asleep at this time on a Tuesday night. So that left out Nick Cortez. The 13-year old sat, illuminated by his computer screen, engaged in the noble pursuit of arguing with...
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    Pokemon RBY Discussion

    This is a discussion thread for Pokemon RBY where we can discuss Pokemon RBY. You can also talk about Pokemon RBY if you like, and ask questions about Bounty Hunters: A Brand New JourneyPokemon RBY. @Lyrebird @theacegamer @Agent_K @Magical Doughnut @White Raven
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    Sign Ups Paranatural (SUs always open!)

    This is the story of a world that's a mirror of our own. Called Gaia, it's very similar to ours. However, there is one key difference: Everything is stranger. For in the world of Gaia, the supernatural is real. Psychics, vampires, ghosts, all of them are real. They are studied by...
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    Start Ups Pokemon RBY RP

    It was 8 AM on the first day of summer vacation, and Professor Oak yawned and stretched. He knew that many young trainers would be eager to get their starters. Oak figured they could wait. He got out of the bed that he slept in, looking out the window of the apartment he had over his lab. Yep...
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    Sign Ups Pokemon RBY Journey RP (SUs always open!)

    Hi! My name is Professor Oak. They call me The Pokemon Professor. Welcome to the world of Pokemon! As a trainer, your job is to train Pokemon, and participate in battles! If you get good, you might even get to go to the Pokemon league! But before I can give you your license, you have to fill out...
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    Wanted (Supervillain RP)

    It was late at night at The Labyrinth. A black monolith jutting out of the sea, within its walls were held Outlaws, superpowered criminals. The walls were fortified, and cells were tailored to keep everyone in. But beyond that, security wasn't as heavy as one might think: There were few Adepts...
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    Sign Ups Wanted (Shonen Bad Guy RP)

    Intro Overview Rules Sign-Ups Example SUs TL;DR
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    Magician Quest

    You awaken, unsure of where you are. You pick yourself up off the floor, feeling a hard marble tile beneath your feet. You dust yourself off and look around. You're in a dim hallway, marble tile beneath your feet, the room lit by blue candles on the walls, illuminating a series of doors. You...
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    Sign Ups Callisto

    CALLISTO Overview The World Map Rules Sign-Ups Example Sign-Ups
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    pokeman journey: black and green

    okay so theres a jorney and some people are gonna go on it. rules -no god moding -sex is okay but no sex -cussing is bad -if you read the rules put i read the rules in teh sign up sign up name: if u dont know this then u r retarded like seriously how do you fucking not know this u...
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    Start Ups Hybrid: A Gijinka RP

    Heliolisk serahthecute Skittypaws Elphie L1F327R34M kush232 cannspec2 DraxxorT, sorry for the delay! Through the burned building, footsteps could be heard. A squad of police officers traipsed through it, navigating to the top floor. "This is the place." One of them said in hushed tones...
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    PRP Request

    Everyone. I must have a PRP. That PRP is a very specific PRP. It is a crossover PRP. The crossover is Shrek and Lucky Star. Here is a Shrek video game I found. http://www.2flashgames.com/2fgkjn134kjlh1cfn81vc34/flash/f-Dress-Shrek-4-Party-9374.swf
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    Sign Ups Hybrid: A Gijinka RP

    It was a day, just like any other. Sure, you might have had a different sort of soda at lunch. Or perhaps you took a different route to school. But overall, it was a normal day. Until it happened. You blacked out in the middle of your routine. Now, you've awoken. But you've changed. You're no...
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    How Am I RPing?

    When I first joined, one thing I would have killed for is some good, constructive criticism. In this thread, you can get just that. Just post something from an RP, and the next person will give pointers on what you're good at, and what you can improve upon. Rules: -Please, constructive...
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    Sign Ups The In-Between

    Overview What if you learned that the world you see before you is only part of a much grander scheme? That beneath it, there teems an invisible world? Your character has been introduced to this world. You might be aPsychopomp. You have faced death. Whether you barely escaped from a house fire...
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    Sign Ups It's Hamtaro Time!

    In this RP, you are a hamster. You start out in a cage, but can escape while your owner isn't around. You can talk with other animals. You can also be a human who interacts with the hamsters, if you like. It's there if you want it. Rules: No sex. No godmodding. Violence is fine...