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    MATURE: Being Well

    It has been TOO. LONG. Way too long. Anyways, this is the first addition of my new fic, Being Well. Because I'm an artsy junkie, the story will be spilt up into "parts," not chapters. There are 10 parts planned, not including this introduction/prologue piece (I KNOW, it's short. It's just there...
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    MATURE: Crazytown

    So to mark my return to Bulbagarden, I give you a short and sweet prologue to my newest story I've been working on. In case you are unfamiliar with my writing, I warn you that I tend to deal with "experimental fanfiction" which entails me to break many conventions and things that people might be...
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    MATURE: It Goes On And On... (Chapter 2 is up)

    Hello all. This is my Sinnoh fic. I call it that because it's my only one that takes place in Sinnoh. My favorite thing I've done with the fic is had multiple protagonists. It gives so much more insight. Anyways, this is the closest you're going to get with me writing a fic that is "normal."...
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    The dangers of writing offbeat

    As some of you might know, I don't particularly write stories with any sort formula. I try to be a little experimental with my writing when it comes to actual story contents. In all of my pokemon fanfic writing there has only been one actual pokemon battle. My stories explore the people of the...
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    Imperfect: A Three Part Mini-Opera

    Well, I hope I've returned with something passable. Just in case you were wondering, this would be considered a short story, and or one-shot. Imperfect: A Three Part Mini-Opera Part One I kept my hand on top of hers, trying to make sure that it seemed like it was resting and that I...
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    Sorry guys...

    Well, about the interviews....yeah. those. I guess I better get some explaining done before I lose my head. It's been a rough couple of months, I've had to deal with a lot of tragedies, from a death to a natural disaster. I didn't really feel the urge, nor have the time, to continue with the...
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    Excellent hors d'oeuvres or appetizers for a formal party

    I have to bring a appetizer/hors d'oeuvres to a rather formal party very soon and i decided to take advantage of the new chef's chateau and make a something recommended by someone on the forums. So I'm ready for ideas and recipes.
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    A new, uneasy concept to the pokemon universe

    In the past I've tried new concepts and topics to explore in the pokemon universe, stuff you wouldn't nessasarily put in a fanfiction, especially pokemon. I'm currently finishing up a few stories with varying themes, from loss and depression to a spin on a classic journey fic, from a elite four...
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    A slight question

    I have heavily rewritten the second chapter of my story "Roxanne", now while it's very different, there are still many traits and one paragraph from the original copy copy of the chapter. Do I post this as a new chapter and inform everyone that it is a rewrite, or do I edit in the new chapter?
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    COMPLETE: Yesterdays Champion (Teen)

    Hey everyone, it's been a while since I've posted anything so I've decided to make up for it by posting this oneshot I wrote this weekend. Rated Teen for language, and nothing else. If you aren't sure who the characters are, I am referring to Joanna and Lucas from D and P. Yesterdays Champion...
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    Authors Universe: How far is too far?

    Hello all, a great question came a while back in my writings that I wanted to ask the community. Let's say you have a semi-already established character such as your Rival from Gold and Silver, he technically doesn't have a back story or overbearing personality traits that define him, merely...
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    I am outwardly expressing my desperate emotion.

    Hello, community of writers! I am here to inform you, like most writers who never get their work noticed (which is not the case for me, but I was trying to find a comparision, so there) that I have written a prologue to a new story that I will be using mostly original characters in. It is called...
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    Infinite Joys (Chapter 2)

    CHAPTER 2 IS NOW UP Something I've been planning for quite some time, but has been postponed because I've been writing a lot for Days Like This and A Little Bit of Good. I've always wondered a lot about the topic I will be exploring in Infinite Joys, and writing about it is the most enjoyable...
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    COMPLETE: Letter

    Something I wrote a while ago, I didn't want to start another series so I'm leaving it as this. Yep. Viridian City, Spring of 2011 Brendan Ian Birch, you asked me to write you a letter, of either story, haiku, or hymn. But your three names remind me of a trainer, of my late great friend...
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    EVERYONE: Quotes from stories

    Hey, you can post quotes from stories you like in this thread. Or quotes about writing in general. Basically just quotes you like about writing, or other persons writing. What I mean is, you can post quotes from stories that have been posted in the workshop, that you like. close the thread...
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    TEEN: A Little Bit of Good (Chapter 5 up)

    Here is the second story I'm starting up. I'd like to have two in rotation, so that way if I get stuck on one, I have to other one to write until I get an idea. The thing about this one is, I have a large bucket of ideas for it. These characters speak to me. This is NOT a shipping fic. I'm...
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    COMPLETE: When it Ends

    A small one-shot I wrote a few days ago in response to the reacent happenings in Japan. It was really personal, so I didn't really want to post it, and I didn't think this was something anyone needed to read. It also felt too weird to set it our world, I don't think I really could write it then...
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    MATURE: Days Like This

    This will most likely be my last attempt to start a fic. And I have thought this one through, so it shall indeed be bulletproof (but that just means I ruined my chances of anyone reading it). Please do not be alarmed, the only reason it is rated Mature is because of language. If someone could...
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    MATURE: Side Show

    Alright, yet another story I'd like to start up. This one is special, it's going to be written in epic poem format, so let's see how far I get before it stops becomign witty. I've always wondered what kind of music they listen to in the ole' regions, so this was written. They apparently like...
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    MATURE: Roxanne

    Alrighty, so I'm starting a new story. One that isn't a poem or a song. It's about Roxanne the gym leader of Rustboro. It's quite dark and I may be cursing alot so it is rated "R". The first chapter is designed differently then the rest of it will be, in the first chapter we never actually hear...