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1/3rd of a century old today


Geek of the Games
Dec 23, 2009
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Wow, it feels strange.

Today is my birthday and I'm now 33, or 1/3rd of a century. It hardly feels possible but that's the case. With the pandemic now in more of a lull state I can indulge in my usual tradition. I'll be getting my free birthday burger and hot fudge sundae at Red Robin, and then afterward we'll go to my folks and have cake (banana fosters cheesecake, to be exact). Normally I'd have to wait until my dad gets out of school but he's going to take half a day off so we can celebrate my birthday. We were going to do it on Sunday but mom and dad refused to go out into the cold (it was 19 degrees... my kind of weather, as I say "Sub zero is my hero", but those two wimped out). But at least I get to celebrate it on the actual day (and probably when the restaurant won't be as busy) so I guess it works out. But man, has it really been 33 years since this dorkus maximus was born? Been a rough 33 years, to say the least, but as they say, "c'est la vie". Time to have some fun and good food with family. Hopefully everything goes accordingly (except the weather, as you can't trust it on my birthday, so I know it's a lost cause in doing anything other than dealing with it).

That's all for now.


Well-Known Member
May 13, 2014
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Happy birthday!!!! I hope everything turned well. Through to reach the number in the title you have to wait 4 months more :p