10th Anniversary In The UK

It's Marill, bitch
Aug 28, 2005
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I'm surprised there's no topic about this yet 0_0


The 10th anniversary tour is going to:
Southampton, West Quay (tomorrow, first day was today)
Manchester, Trafford Centre (21 & 22 Oct)
Newcastle, Metro Centre (23 & 24 Oct) - I'm going to this one :D
London, Lakeside (26 & 27 Oct)
Cardiff, Capitol (28 & 29 Oct)
Glasgow, Buchanan Galleries (4 & 5 Nov)
Milton Keynes, The Centre MK (11 & 12 Nov)
Birmingham, The Bull Ring (18 & 19 Nov)

You'll be able to download the ten most wanted that was voted for earlier (there's nothing rare tho).. demo's of Mystery Dungeon and more.. go to Activities to see what else is going to be there.

It would be nice to know what times these things start tho, and I really hope I don't have to go to both days, they should be basically the same as each other. So glad I have a half price bus pass either way.
Screenshot Maniac
Dec 11, 2005
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Hummm, well apparently the Manchester one is the closest to me and it's next weekend which is good cos I don't have work this coming weekend.
What's bad is that I currently have no one to go with and seeing as I have never been to Manchester before I won't go on my own XD; I'm gonna ask my mum and see if she's interested in taking a train trip to Manchester for the day, if not I'm lucked out :/ Guess we'll see~