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138th Best Wishes episode title surfaces: A break is scheduled for Aug. 29

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Nov 13, 2005
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138th Best Wishes episode title surfaces: A break is scheduled for Aug. 29

A TV-Guide magazine has revealed the 138th episode of the Best Wishes series, which will air Aug. 22, 2013. There will be a break on Aug. 29.

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Gosh, I want the quartet to reach Pallet Town soon, please... One or two episodes in Kanto won't hurt! I guess the Naruto special is to make up for the Mewtwo special taking its time-slot?
If there's 6 more episodes after the break then that should mean BW will end just in time for XY to start in October. I really like the sound of "Go-Go Gōgōto!", it's amusing to me. XD
So this means the dub will catch up even more, assuming it doesn't go on break between now and XY.
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