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2/26 Pokémon Presents Speculation Thread

What do you think will be shown tomorrow?

  • Sinnoh remakes

    Votes: 24 77.4%
  • Let’s Go Johto

    Votes: 2 6.5%
  • More Pokémon Unite info

    Votes: 11 35.5%
  • Other

    Votes: 17 54.8%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .
I woke up to some overkill and terrifying rumors oh gosh

If this is all real I'll give it a chance, I'm just naturally terrified because jeez that's a lot of unexpected.
Six more minutes. Just a heads-up.

Pokemon SNAP - Stoutland confirmed, Luvdisc in. ALOLAN RAICHU. Vaporeon. T-Tar. They showed SOBBLE. Kangaskhan in. Stunfisk confirmed. Unfezant. Celebi made it.

G-Max Pikachu event in Sword and Shield

Kanto legendary raid battles in Go

Leon and Charizard in Masters.

SINNOH REMAKESSSS. OMG, people are gonna rage over the artstyle lol.

Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl coming late 2021.


Pokemon Legends Arceus (Which has wild starters btw). You most likely get Oshawott, Rowlet and Cyndaquil as a starter. This releases early 2022 (So we most likely get a new generation late 2022).

It was kinda funny that the stream died the moment they wanted to talk about God.
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Never could I imagine that GF would get inspired and actually make a modern Pokemon game. Totally out of the blue. I did not see this coming.
I’ve never been more excited only to feel absolutely nothing. Legit when I saw the hideous chibi aesthetic I was so disappointed. However, when I saw Legends...

Even if it’s not the Sinnoh remake I was wanting, my God am I excited. I am a little worried that they removed wild battles, though.
I’ve never been more excited only to feel absolutely nothing. Legit when I saw the hideous chibi aesthetic I was so disappointed. However, when I saw Legends...

Even if it’s not the Sinnoh remake I was wanting, my God am I excited. I am a little worried that they removed wild battles, though.

Legends still has wild battles, as we have seen our Gallade fight a wild Garchomp.

Not gonna lie, have now seen the announcement vid for the remakes twice and the artstyle seriously hurts my eyes.

Everyone: Sword and Shield grapics look bad
D/P remakes: Hold my artstyle.
In terms of Legends Arceus, I would have preferred if it was set in the Johto region.

tbh, would have made sense, but i think they didn't want that due to Kanto and Johto's connection. However, Alola would have made sense as well, with all its connections to the Japanese regions

I am seriously wondering if they abandoned Pokemon Sleep and Pokemon Detective Pikachu 2.
Lol. Why skip Kalos.

People: Lets Go Artstyle looks bad
Also people: SWSH artstyle looks bad
Sinnoh remakes people: We want Sinnoh Remakes
Also Sinnoh remakes people: NOOOOOO. The artstyle is worse than Lets Go and SWSH combined.
Somebody already created a Kalos remakes thread.
Today is a good day for Pokemon fans. They finally understood there are people that have played pokemon for decades.

Let's Go: casual players.
Legends: core fans.
Main line: everyone.

Imo today marks a new start and we should all be happy about that.
Okay, so now that I can speak, here are some of my initial thoughts

New Pokemon Snap
  • This game looks absolutely gorgeous and I can easily see myself sinking hours and hours into the game.
  • It looks like there are going to be multiple different ways to interact with Pokemon, which leads to the potential of even more different kinds of pictures. I am going to spend hours on that Lentel dex.
  • Illumina Pokemon (or whatever it's called) actually seems like a really cool feature now. I like that you can use it to make some Pokemon look cooler, and it can even change up the pokemon a bit, like how it made Scorbunny's fire blue.
Sinnoh Remakes
  • The region itself looks pretty great actually. I like the design, the colors, it looks really nice.
  • The names are awesome!
  • The human characters, however, do not look great, at all. I would take Let's Go's chibis over these ones any day. These lego looking figures just stand out so poorly against the backgrounds.
  • Honestly not even sure I'll pick it up at this point. I mean I probably will Shining Pearl, but if the games show no signs of the Exp share of the later games I might not bother, or might wait till I can get a price drop.
Pokemon Legends Arceus
  • I don't think I've ever experienced such a drastic shift in hype levels before. I went from a little bummed about the chibis to What the F is this?! Like my heart dropped to my stomach as they did the little story bit. And then they revealed it. I was legit trying not to scream.
  • That opening though. Like after they tell the story and reveal the world to you. I hate to relate this back to BOTW (because we are going to see a lot of that for the next year), but it legit gave me BOTW vibes. Just seeing that huge world, with that music transition. They just really know how to do music transitions and I love it!
  • Ahhh that world is beautiful! I legit never thought we would see Pokemon in this aesthetic, and I'm still not sure how I feel about it yet. I've always imagined the pokemon world with more vibrant colors, even if it looks less realistic. This is a new aesthetic for Pokemon, but it looks great.
  • The people also seem to look good. I loved the character models from SwSh, so I'm glad we are seeing what looks like a nice return to them. They blend in really well with the world and its lighting too which honestly surprised me at first.
  • I wonder just how massive this world is going to be? I don't want to expect anything close to BOTW levels of huge, especially since we know so little about the game, but it looks pretty big. There were already a few different environments shown, and from the map we saw (which looks to be all explorable), some of those environments were nowhere in sight. I also wonder what we are going to see within it!
Also, it's interesting to see them use multiple Studios for mainline Pokemon games. Like there's a lot of potential revealed with that. It means that they can spend more time on projects, while also adopting the ideas from other studios. I think with their decision to do this, the future of Pokemon looks a bit brighter than ever before.

I am still bursting with excitement. There is no way I am gonna be able to go back to sleep now. We are in the generation of an open-world Pokemon game.
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-Like the looks of Snap, and appreciate the different ways to get reactions of Pokemon for different pictures, but could've done without the condescending narrator. Also not feeling PokeGram with its filters and stickers...

-Blah, blah, blah, events in mobile games...blah, blah, blah, Kanto Pandering...

-Yep, Sinnoh remakes. Def gonna get those since Gen 4 was my fave! And to people complaining about the Chibi-style: it's a 3D version of the overworld sprites from back in the day, and the event models are much better.

-Now THIS looks interesting...
This is a tangent but I'm catching up on the Gen 4 remake thread and it's really funny to me that I was on board with the leak immediately and everyone else was more skeptical, I'm usually the last to believe in leaks lol
Crap. CENTRO just indicated that it was real.
I know it's late enough that this is kind of a moot point, but Centro's not the end-all arbiter on what's real and not- remember, they had that audio file up that got debunked within a day. What really spoke to the leak's credibility (IMO) was the fact that you could go back through past threads on their profile and see them accurately calling leaks for multiple games in the past. You don't need Centro to make a call on that sounding likely.
Well well, looks like the leaker is a TPC employee with ties to Nintendo's Hong Kong Branch, that person's in alot of trouble for sure.
Aww, they got caught? They seemed like a genuinely nice person in their posts, and they were never leaking that far ahead of an announcement, I'd hope they'd get off easy. They're still active on reddit, though? Like they've commented in the past hour.

Anyways, I'm really happy about this!
  • I know it's not the point of the presentation, and it's just a review of stuff we know, but I gotta say, that intro celebrating Pokemon content for the past 25 years is really cool, I love that stop motion-esque kind of thing!
  • New Pokemon Snap is so prettyyyy, I love it! I kind of hope that some of what's been made for it makes its way into the mainline games, since the environment is made to be visually impressive and feel like you're exploring an ecosystem, but of course,
  • I actually don't mind the artstyle for BDSP at all, I feel like it's like that one LoZ remake and is supposed to feel unnatural and blocky, like they're supposed to feel like moving toys more than anything. (I don't like that the acronym for these games will be so close to BDSM, though...) Also I think it's funny that the end of the trailer was showing off a lot of move animations, like it was in response to SwSh criticism, lol
  • HHHH Legends of Arceus looks really cool. I'm an especially big fan of that catching Pokemon in the overworld! And it looks like Pokemon Legends is going to be an ongoing series, judging by how they did that logo, which is even better!
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