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2021: That Was The Year That Was (Now Featuring Tokyo 2020)


Jul 20, 2020
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Well, it's almost the end of November and it is time for the annual discussion on the past 12 months. This year was pretty much the same as 2020 with coronavirus, but Tokyo hosted the Summer Olympics and Paralympics (one year late). The AFL Grand Final was held in this year for the first time (Optus Stadium) after last year being in Brisbane (the Gabba), and speaking of Brisbane, Brisbane will host the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in 2032. And in Asia, the Third Round of World Cup qualifiers begun and Australia is currently third in Group B in the Asian World Cup Qualifiers after a loss to Japan and a draw against China recently and before that we won the past 10 matches in qualifiers (including all matches in the Second Round). And we had a COVID outbreak in my family (as I mentioned in the COVID-19 thread a couple of weeks ago) but they have since recovered and we recently went over for a Christmas Party, and I am double vaxxed (so get vaccinated, it is cheaper and quicker than paying thousands for a fake certificate. I'm looking at you protesters).

In the world of Pokemon, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl has been released and I am currently playing the games. Hopefully it is better than the problems I had with the original games.

Personally, I did a course at university (online), and I think I found my calling in life...a researcher. But I am still saving up to teach English in Korea (I am hoping to go mid-2022, but with the Omicron variant now doing the rounds, it could be 2023). I am looking into Asia literacy in Australia for those who are interested. I have also started podcasting on SoundCloud and I tried uploading the latest podcast, but somehow it is very slow tonight, so I'll try again tomorrow.

So how had 2020 turned out for you?
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