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3DS impressions straight from Greece: A diehard fan's first impressions

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However, for those complaining about battery life, they assured us that it's almost as DSiXL's. Turning off the wireless communications, 3D and brightness really boosts the battery in case you're on say, a very long trip.
NGamer have reportedly tested the battery, and it was found out to be 4 hours with full brightness and 3D, but with no wireless communications enabled. But yeah, turning off 3D, lowering brightness and turning off wireless connections would probably add about another 2 hours.

Nintendo have also stated that the battery life is 3-5 hours with the "soft" brightness setting, while DS playback is 5-8 hours. Still, the DSi's battery was about 4 hours.

Nintendo have also admitted that they are bundling the cradle as an incentive for people to charge their systems more often. Unfortunately, the LCD screen sucks up a lot of battery (as does the screen having to produce two seperate images to send to each eye).
The picture of OoT alone makes me excited about this system, but I'm pretty suprised! I didn't expect the AR to be that impressive! Considering how the 3DS was described, I say that they've inproved from all the flaws from the DSi, which I never really knew exsisted!

I'll definately get this! Thanks, Arty2, for the review.
I would buy it immediately, but I'll probably waste all my money on Pokemon Black. And I was so close to winning this year! Ah well, guess I'll have to wait
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