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3ds Pokemon Games


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Mar 24, 2022
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I'm new to this website. I came here because recently there's been hackers on the GTS like Japan.Kebuju freezing the game when I want to trade Pokemon. I was wondering if anyone wanted to add my friend code on my 3ds so they can trade Pokemon with me in each game. I don't really have much so far because I just started each game, but in Ultra Moon I bred my Eevee a ton. If anyone is willing to trade a Sneasel for an Eevee I would appreciate it. These hackers are getting old. I could try egg farming for shiny Eevee if necessary or any other shiny. Some might take time depending on how fast I progress.

Update: Just got a Sneasel I thought it would be impossible because of how broken the GTS is but I got one. But if anyone is willing to trade reasonably for bred pokemon or maybe legendaries I dont want I'd still appreciate it. It would be a lot easier then a 99.9% chance of my game freezing everytime I go on GTS
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