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8th Movie Information Thread (SPOILERS, of course)


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Jan 3, 2003
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From PokeAni, reporting on a trailer which was evidently broadcast at some point in the last day:

そして「劇場版ポケットモンスター アドバンスジェネレーション」とタイトルコール。

As the image speeds along the ocean's surface, scenes from past movies are played to the following narration.
"The many Pokemon legends that have impressed the world"
(subtitled) "All began with Mew."
A castle appears, then Mew appears.
Then the "Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation" title scroll.
Diving into the water, "Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero"
Then Mew crosses above the title and the text "Opens 7/16/2005 (Sat)" is shown.
This does come as something of a suprise. Everyone was assuming it would be focused on either the Regis or a 4th-gen legend, and instead, it's back to the beginning.
Much as it's "back to the beginning" for the final set of legendaries to appear in the new opening (The Kanto birds and Ho-Oh appearing last, ie the three birds Ash saw carvings off on episode 2 and the one bird Ash did see on episode 1).

It sure is a surprise. And I hope this means there is a chance to see Mewtwo on a movie again. <3
Mew!? really!? Awesome. This, coupled with what I heard about the new intro sequence, make me think that maybe, just maybe, they ARE getting to the end of Ash's journey. THANK GOD!!! YAY! I still think they won't be able to have a satisfiying conclusion unless they have Ash complete something after Hoenn. Here's to hoping for a short (maybe just 13 episodes or so) post-Hoenn league saga that wraps up some of those annoying plot threads. *cough*GS ball*cough*
Oh wow. Mew? MEW?

Maybe now we'll find out where it flitted off to after dumping M2 and the clones in the woods...
But I don't want Ash to leave :(, although I do want him to win the League if that's the case.

But it'll be good seeing Mew again... in five years from now.
This is a far stretch, but I'm hoping there will be some more background given on Team Rocket's past pursuit of Mew.

I am shocked that this isn't about a new legendary.
Argy said:
This is a far stretch, but I'm hoping there will be some more background given on Team Rocket's past pursuit of Mew.

I am shocked that this isn't about a new legendary.

Well, chances are there will be another legendary featured in it. Remember, we didn't know the 6th movie had jack to do with Jirachi until TWO MONTHS after it was revealed that Absol had a star role (well, we knew the title "Wishing Star of Seven Nights", so there was speculation about Jirachi, but no concrete proof until months after the title and Absol's existance were revealed). And heck, Jirachi ended up even with the main role while Absol was just a co-star.

Plus, each movie focuses around at least two legendaries, at times the co-star is a semi-legendary.

1: Mewtwo AND Mew
2: Lugia AND the trio
3: Entei AND Unown (Unown is after all exotic enough to be seen as semi)
4: Celebi AND Suicune
5: Latias AND Latios
6: Jirachi AND Absol (another semi)
7: Deoxys AND Rayquaza

So.... I say there will be at least one other legendary, as well as at least two more Pokemon from the next generation (I kinda hope the other co-star of this movie is NOT one of the ones from the next gen, yet).

Argy said:
This is a far stretch, but I'm hoping there will be some more background given on Team Rocket's past pursuit of Mew.

I am shocked that this isn't about a new legendary.

I'd like to see Miyamoto animated just once.

I can't wait to see Mew again. Such a cute little guy.
Interesting to go back to the first generation, to say the least.

Anyway, it's December 3rd here in Japan already (3:45PM already), and the site is still not open...
Hm, anyone else notice the extreme scarcity of anything Ashy-boy related on that page? (so far the only traces of Ashy-boy I've found are in the "other products" section).

If someone could check it for mention of the name (my kana and kanji aren't up to par, far from it)...

On the other hand, it's true that the trailer and title both say "Advanced Generation". One could think if they were goign to cut Ash, they'd drop the AG part.
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I've noticed the extreme scarcity of anything anything-related on that page. Essentially everything we know about the movie is right here on this page. There isn't enough information to even think about deriving conclusions.
I'm fairly underwhelmed. I know it's supposed to be "OH! They're returning to basics", but to me it seems more like "Oh. They've finally ran out of new ideas" . . .
Pretty much what Murg said was the title earlier. Yuusha appears to be hero, Myuu is Mew, to is "and" and no is "of". Hadou, I haven't found anywhere, so I assume Murg's translation is right there.
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