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COMPLETE: A Battle Of Generations

As Dark as White can be..
Dec 5, 2010
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The dust cleared. The once regal beast now laid on the floor of the arena, unmoving. The crowd screamed in undoubted appreciation of the most ingenious attack that had been commanded by the unknown Unovian prodigy.

"And with that Arcanine is down! A magnificent Muddy Water attack from our newcomer's Seismitoad evens the playing field now, leaving both our champions level-pegging with 3 Pokemon a piece now!" The announcer's deep, enigmatic voice boomed throughout the huge arena, barely audible over the now ecstatic crowd.

The red-capped adolescent held out the blue capsule, striped with red. He pressed the middle button and thus returned his unconcious fire type Pokemon, before saying "Not bad kid, you've got the ability to go far" The trainer replaced his Arcanine's Great Ball with a plain Poke Ball from his belt. "But It's not over just yet! Venusaur! Let's go!" He threw the capsule into the air and with an intense force from it burst a great white light.

The great turquoise Pokemon stood tall over the Seismitoad, imposing it's wealth of experience and obvious type advantage over the younger, dual Water and Ground typed toad. It's trainer sparked, "Let's see what you do against some real power! Venusaur, Razor Leaf!"

Dangerously tipped leaves fired from the Venusaur's gigantic flower, directly towards its unprepared opponent. The leaves spun in flight, thus making their trajectory extremely difficult to predict.

Difficult. Not impossible.

"Seismatoad!" The youth requested quite calmly "Use Hyper Voice please" The Seismitoad began to vibrate. The black semi-spheres on its body began to pulse in a rhythm. The rhythm built, faster and louder. At the same time the leaves whistled towards the the Pokemon, the crowd held their breath. What would happen now? The ToJoh crowd knew of their champion Red's nigh-on unbeatable Venusaur. And they were most certain that if the well renowned Pokemon's attack landed on the Seismitoad, it would almost definitely be rendered unconcious! But still the rhythm grew, now to such a level where the crowd's cheers were beginning to beginning to become a mere buzz in the trainers' ears! The leaves reached the Seismitoad! A powerful wave of energy and sound reverberated around the Arena, the Venusaur the fans knew and loved was propelled into a double backwards somersault and then proceeded to fly into the arena wall at speed. Followed by the leaves it had fired earlier.

The crowd was silenced. This new youth from the distant industrial land of Unova had not only stopped the dreaded Razor Leaf attack of their champion's very own Venusaur dead in its tracks, but also knocked out the said Venusaur in the same. single move!

The crowd paused to register what had just happened.

10 seconds later the entire arena erupted with cheers, screams and applause! The youth from Unova had truly proven his abilities and thus had turned from the obvious underdog of the battle to the undeniable favourite!

Red smirked to himself, and tipped his hat upwards. "Well played! It seems that you're ready for the competitive world of Pokemon now! But this battle is far from over yet, Black!"

The youth of Unova lifted his own Pokeball capped head to meet the renowned champion's gaze with his deep brown eyes."C'mon Red, let's see if the rest of the Pokemon Battling world is really what it's all cracked up to be! Give me your best!"

He stood short in comparison to the Indigo League's champion, but he was in no way intimidated. He was here because he had worked just as hard as Red had. He stood here because he believed he could take on the very best!

He was here, to represent the undiscovered region of Unova. To show the rest of the Pokemon world that the new generation of Pokemon, the generation of new found lands, highly tense battling and yet more evil to be justified, had arrived!

And it was here, to revolutionise the Pokemon World in a way no other generation has done before!


Just a one shot idea I had. Nothing major. Just trying to build up a style really.

Any reviews would be much appreciated, with constructive criticism welcomed!