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A Collector's Paradise [Merch, figure, & misc. collecting discussion]


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May 16, 2010
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Are you a collector at heart? Do you have a passion for accumulating large amounts of merchandise for your favourite series, or enjoy showing off your vast collection of plushies? Do you have any 'holy grails' you'd love to own one day?

No matter where your focus for your collection lies, this is the thread to discuss any aspect of collecting as a hobby - show off the items you're most proud of having in your collection, ask for help regarding recognising counterfeits, post your rarest or oldest pieces of merchandise, and offer a helping hand to those who may need assistance restoring something to its original quality or fixing any imperfections.

Talking about collecting merchandise for any series outside of Pokemon here is fine!

Please keep in mind the forum's rules regarding advertisement; please do not advertise merchandise that you are selling yourself. Similarly, since we're all aware of the nature of some anime merchandise (particularly figures), please refer to the forum's rules regarding inappropriate content before posting your collection (the vast majority of Sonico figures, for example, are probably best not shared here).

That's all! Have fun getting lost in the world of collecting! :bulbaWave:

I myself have been an avid figure & general merchandise collector for a good few years now - mostly for idol series that I'm into, such as Idolm@ster and Love Live. My most recent purchase is the SEGA Yazawa Nico 'No Brand Girls' PM figure; I managed to secure her for a solid price since she comes without the box. This will mark my third Nico figure in my collection.

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I sometimes collect Transformers figures. Among others I have a Transmetals Airazor in pretty good shape, and Masterpiece G2 Bumble and Sunstreaker.
whaaat that Nico is so cute! I'm surprised I don't have any Love Live-related stuff... I already sorta said this to you Moll, but I used to be the biggest μ's nerd ever; it just never even crossed my mind somehow! I need to look into making my room entirely Umi-themed xP

My collection is mainly a whole lot of Pokémon stuff; more than I even know how to keep track of. Cards, figures, games, plushies, books, DVDs, those old preorder bonus things - you name it and it's, err, probably around here somewhere...

My favorites are indeed probably the plushies - specifically, the old 2005-2006 Pokémon Center Pokédolls, since that's what was around when I was younger. Here's some examples of what they look like...

They're so chunky I love them.
The successor to these are the current lineup of "Pokémon Dolls", which are okay but I never reeeally liked them quite as much. At least, that was until I saw... HIM:

He's just so... round... OTL

Being my overall favorite 'mon, there's definitely a big focus on Eevee merch in my collection (it helps that Eevee itself has ascended to secondary franchise mascot status in the past 10 years, lol. Back in my day we actually had to LOOK for this stuff!!). All of them currently live on my bookcase in a spot I like to call the Eevee shrine. :p

And as far as "holy grails" go: it's gotta be the G.E.M. Pocket Monsters series of figures! Is it predictable of me?... Yes... but they're all so cute and they speak to my OS fan heart. :cry:

the Eevee shrine patiently awaits the day that mysterious cloaked trainer joins them... someday... T_T

But anyway, outside of Pokémon, the figure I'm most proud of having in my collection at the moment is probably... this Amitie & Carbuncle PM figure (pictured here on the right):

image source is the Puyo Puyo Official twitter: (x)
She just looks great, chillin' on my top shelf, guarding the rest of my Puyo stuff. I'm kinda surprised how well her design translates to 3D, too! I totally intended to get Arle to match with her, but... by then my Puyo obsession had already faded a bit, this was many years ago when it was like my main special interest lol. Maybe another day...
I have a small-ish figure collection that consists of a few Funko Pops (which I personally think are overrated, but I've kept a few because they're of some of my favorite characters), Nendoroids and some others.

I currently own 9 Nendoroids with 4 more on pre-order, 5 Jojo ones, 2 Touken Ranbu ones, Solid Snake (which was my first) and Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia. I'd love to own one of the Marvel ones, like Iron Man or Dr Strange, but for some weird legal reason, any Nendoroids based on Disney-owned characters can't be sold in the UK and most import sites that sell them can't send them here either. Which is weird because I saw some pretty legit-looking ones being sold at a couple of stalls at Comic Con.

Scale figures and statues are nice to look at, but they don't really appeal to me that much due to their pricing and permanent static poses. I prefer articulated figures, since you can change the pose and accessories whenever you like. Plus, with my Nendoroids, I love taking fun and cute photos of them which I post regularly on my Instagram.

Here's some of my favorite photos of my Nendos:




Jotaro complaining about his merch

Jonathan and Joseph as Easter bunnies


Kakyoin trying to look edgy


Jotaro and Kakyoin fistbump

Dio tries to bribe me with a rose in exchange for joining his legion of the undead
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I have a box set of the books in the Hugin og Munin series. Love them to death. The books are composed of multiple texts, and the vast majority has aged very well!
I collect a few figures, but I've not gotten any new ones in my collection since 2020. Got a few Funko Pops and some smaller figures.

Hope to collect some new figures if I can find good prices for them but these are my two nice figures I love.
Bishoujo Kamala Khan Ms. Marvel:

Marvel's Silk:

I want to get some anime or tokusatsu based ones(Kamen Rider and Super Sentai/Power Rangers), but sometimes you can never find any at a decent price (Power Rangers have been doing the affordable Lightning Collection though). Also don't know if I have any room in my Display case without some rearranging.
I've been a Transformers collector for about three decades now. When I started, it was fairly difficult for me; I only had my income to work with and there weren't any good tools to build a checklist or database of your collection. It was pretty hit or miss.

That changed for me in the late 1990s: I met my husband so I had someone who could help.

Fun fact: I met said husband at a Transformers convention. Yeah...
Hope you don’t mind me reviving this thread, as a merch collector myself I have quite a bit to share… But I’ll start small and post some good photos later, LOL.

As for what I collect? It’s been a plethora of things over the years. First it was Pokemon plushies, then Miku figures, then touhous… then Bungou Stray Dogs merch… you get the idea. Nowadays I don’t really follow a theme, I just grab what I like. I downsized on collecting for a few years while I was going to uni, as I have the smallest room in my aunt’s house, I left a lot of my collection back at my parent’s. One day, I’ll return for them…

Currently, I’m hunting this Chii from chobits figure, but she runs close to 400 USD rn, so it’s a faraway dream much like the Godoka figure is. T_T My most recent purchase was the preorder I made just tonight for KAngel-chan from Needy Girl Overdose. She’s a PUP figure so she was pretty affordable minus shipping, I figured I should strike while the iron was hot because I know PUPs don’t re-release since they’re in such fast and large quantity I couldn’t risk an upcharge.

My most recent ‘grail’ I managed to get ahold of was this Devil Homura…


I have been hunting this figure for YEARS. She also retails at about 400 USD now, similar to Godoka. I managed to find her in a comic shop via a stroke of luck for 170 USD. I checked her for any damage, as she was preowned, but she is in perfect condition. Even the cashiers told me they didn’t expect her to last long in the shop— LOL extremely lucky find! The downside? This figure and her box are HUGE. I don’t have the storage space for it, let alone a place to display her yet… But she’s here and she’s real. Hopefully I can find a Godoka for a generous price at some point to complete the duo.

As for my next grail?

Well, it can’t be anything other than this up and coming Flandre.


I can’t imagine how wide her box is gonna be with that wingspan. Apparently this figure is going to stand 1/6 scale as well? God, I’d have no space for it, LOL.

My current grail I would do ANYTHING for is of course, this flan.


She releases in May, and I’m currently fighting my fucking demons on debating whether or not I’m gonna preorder her at 260 USD not including shipping. I guess I’ll check the possibility of what it will be to decide. She’s just so gorgeous. I may bite the bullet because I dread the aftermarket price is going to scale to 400 or so like many others I’ve pined over…
She releases in May, and I’m currently fighting my fucking demons on debating whether or not I’m gonna preorder her at 260 USD not including shipping. I guess I’ll check the possibility of what it will be to decide. She’s just so gorgeous. I may bite the bullet because I dread the aftermarket price is going to scale to 400 or so like many others I’ve pined over…
Addendum: I pulled the trigger and ordered her. It was now or never and I fucking fear the aftermarket too much. I hate spending that money but I know that I'll be in pain if I don't have her. Praying she'll arrive in one piece!
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