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A few SMITE riddles

Jun 22, 2015
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  1. He/Him
These riddles are basically not just an intertwined SMITE story, but also my wish-list for Gods I REALLY want in the game at some point!
Each post will be a new riddle, with up to four figures from world mythology who will not be mentioned by name. There will be hints as to who they are, and Gods currently in SMITE WILL be mentioned by name. Feel free to guess in the comments, and I will let you if you got them right!

Let's start with an easy one
Riddle I

The depths of Tartarus had a visitor, a disgruntled Knight of Camelot, sent by his mother to unleash a monstrous threat. Charon, the Ferryman of the dead, saw this dark-armored mortal defeat the guard-dog Cerberus without breaking a sweat, and rushed to see Hades himself.
"Hades, my lord. It seems we have an unwelcome guest from Camelot, and he has incapacitated Cerberus!" Charon warned the King of the Underworld.
Persephone, Queen of the Underworld, walked out of the shadows.
"Is this knight trying to unleash the Father of Monsters, by chance?" Persephone asked.
"Indubitably". Hades replied, "I must warn Zeus and the others!"
Later, Ra was in his solar boat, and noticed this same knight, the Traitor of Camelot, had just broken the Father of Monsters out of his prison, and they were both trying to escape to the world of the living. Ra lightly pushed his finger into one of his eyes, which summoned a leonine goddess, with a bright sun disc above her head, with razor sharp claws, a blood-forged khopesh blade, wearing a crimson gown. Ra sent this Goddess of Protection in pursuit of the Knight and Monster.
The lion goddess fought valiantly, and would have been defeated if it weren't for the help of the most beloved of the Aesir, a God of Hope and Light, who was in the Underworld thanks to one of Loki's tricks.
The brightly shining god asked the lioness deity if Ragnarok was over. She nodded.
The Asgardian followed her in the pursuit of the traitorous knight and the monster he unleashed. It was time for this god to return to Asgard at long last.
Riddle II
Meanwhile, in the Heavens above China, The Jade Emperor, Yu Huang, sensed that the very Mandate of Heaven itself was in jeopardy. His Excellency called upon a certain trickster that used to be quite a thorn in his side, the Monkey King himself, Sun Wukong.
"Sun Wukong, do you know why I have summoned you here?" The Jade Emperor asked The so-called "Great Sage Equal to Heaven".
"Let me guess... You need my help to maintain the Mandate of Heaven again?" The Monkey King laughed.
"We've tried reaching out to an old friend of yours, The Pig who Rose to Power, but he did not listen to Ne Zha nor Erlang Shen. Perhaps you could convince him to fight for us once more, Sun Wukong."
While this was going on, in the domain of the Orishas, Yemoja was talking to the God of Iron.
"The Yoruba need your help, the world is plunging into chaos. Many other gods are fighting. People are dying, and you could help save the lives of many gods and mortals." The Goddess of Rivers explained.
The God of Iron was busy working on some new armor. "I am well aware, Yemoja, Vulcan told me everything. I will fight to protect our people."
Meanwhile, Vulcan was in a far-off land, trying to recruit a tall, mortal hero and his trusty blue bovine, with promises of immortality.
The Enormous Lumberjack reluctantly agreed. "I'm not usually one to fight, but if it means helping people all over the world.... I'm in!" He said, with his azure ox mooing in agreement, before the man grabbed his massive axe, which felled numerous mighty trees.

Zhu Bajie, Ogun, and Paul Bunyan
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