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A full battle Hub game for online and rankings?


Jul 31, 2019
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Ok so what if instead of doing the usual online wifi battles in the respective generation games instead TPC makes a hub game based solely for online battling?

Basic idea in a nutshell.

1. All Pokémon can be used.

2. You can use either your own Pokémon via Home transfer or Rental teams.

3. All popular formats

- Singles/Doubles/Triples and Rotations

4. Clauses and Rules

- Lv caps of 5/50/100 (Lv 5 Pokémon have to be 1st stage Pokémon and have to have an evolution)

- Legendaries or not

- Dynamax/Megas or Z Crystals allowed or not (Can only pick 1)

- Flexible Timers for turns and game length.

- Regional theme (Only use Pokémon from specific region)

- Evasion restriction (Can’t use moves that raise or lower evasion)

5. Competitive Rankings and Offical Competions

6. Create and host unofficial tournaments.

7. Other modes to practice battling with AI opponents.

8. Mini games because yes!

What are your thoughts?