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A Held Item Starting With...

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Spoiler alert: username is a lie
Aug 21, 2017
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Similar to the A Pokemon Starting With, An Ability Starting With, and A Pokemon Move Starting With but we're using Held Items!

1. Z-Crystals, Mega Stones, Plates, Gems, Memories(as in the kind that changes Silvally's type), Pokeballs, and Berries are banned because there's too many of them and all of the items in a group end with the same letter.
2. Each person must wait for two other people to post after their previous post before posting again.
3. If Pokemon can't hold the item, it isn't a valid option.

1. Air Balloon
2. Never-Melt Ice
3. Electirizer
4. Rare Candy

Let's go!

Air Balloon
♪ Salamence was meant to Fly! ♫
Oct 27, 2015
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Electric Seed