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A new Battle Frontier


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Mar 28, 2010
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If the Battle Frontier ever makes a return, what facilities would you like to include in it? Me, I would include all the facilities from the Hoenn and Sinnoh Frontiers plus the Battle Salon, Battle Subway, Battle Institute, Battle Maison, Battle Chateau, Battle Tree, Battle Cafe, Battle Agency and Battle Stadium. And so that there's not too many copies of the Battle Tower, the newer facilities would have new twists.
The Battle Tower would consist of seven single battles or double battles, depending on which receptionist you talk to. There are no Multi Battles or Wifi Battles as those are in different facilities. Basically, it's the Ruby/Sapphire Battle Tower with double battles.

The Battle Salon, while it was originally a room in Emerald's Battle Tower, becomes it's own facility for multi battles. You can have an NPC teammate or link up with a human player.

The Battle Factory would give you three rental Pokémon to use and the option to trade with your defeated opponents between each battle.

The Battle Dome is a tourney of sixteen trainers. You can battle CPU opponents or invite friends on the bracket. However, if human players are in the tournament in separate matches and you're the first to win a match, you'll have to wait for your friends to finish their matches before moving on to the next round. Unlike most battle facilities with seven rounds, this one has 4 rounds.

The Battle Arena is where you try to knock out your opponent in three turns. If both Pokémon are standing, the judges rule based on offensive moves, accuracy and HP. The Pokémon with less points on the ruling are automatically knocked out.

The Battle Palace is where the AI controls your Pokémon.

The Battle Pike is where you choose between three paths.

The Battle Pyramid is where you go through seven floors of mazes.

The Battle Arcade has you battle with a Roulette board determining conditions.

The Battle Castle has you spending CP to your advantage.

The Battle Hall has you using a single Pokémon to rack up a winning streak.

The Battle Subway would be different from Black and White as it will have a five minute time limit where you have to beat seven trainers before the train gets to the end of the line. And the timer runs on the system clock and it starts as soon as you step onto the train, and won't stop until the challenge is over. Time running out during a battle will interrupt the battle and you'll lose the challenge.

The Battle Institute would feature Inverse Battles where type effectiveness would be the opposite of normal.

The Battle Maison would feature Triple Battles and Rotation Battles.

The Battle Chataeu is about raising your noble rank.

The Battle Cafe is fighting trainers for a seat,

The Battle Tree, instead of the rules of the Battle Tree from Sun and Moon would instead use the rules of the Trainer Tower from FireRed and LeafGreen where you have to run to the top in record time, beating trainers who stand in your way.

The Battle Agency would be Multi-Triple Battles.

And the Battle Stadium is ranked Wifi battles.

What kind of Battle Frontier would you want in a future game where it returns?

Bolt Strike

Bringing the Thunder
Mar 20, 2013
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I don't think we'll see nearly that many battle facilities, it would take too long to develop that many along with everything else that needs to be done in the games. I think the usual 5-7 would be appropriate, with a mix of old and new ones, and they should keep changing it up from game to game to make it feel fresh. Here are some of the ones I'd like to see:

-A Battle Tower and/or a Battle Dome/PWT equivalent. Includes Single, Double, Multi, Rotation, and Triple Battles. Also includes an Exhibition Battle mode for rematching gym leaders/Elite 4 as in the PWT and Galarian Star Tournament and a Tournament Battle for hosting official PvP tournaments.
-The Battle Factory
-An Inverse Battling facility
-Some type of battling facility that involves capturing Pokemon. Either you could catch Pokemon and battle with them, or they could have something like the Motostoke Gym where you compete against other trainers to catch Pokemon.
-Any combination of the Battle Arena, Battle Palace, Battle Pyramid, and Battle Hall would be fine with me.


Dec 9, 2014
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I don't think we'll see nearly that many battle facilities, it would take too long to develop that many along with everything else that needs to be done in the games. I think the usual 5-7 would be appropriate.

Given recent trends, my inner cynic thinks they couldn't do even that much.

They might be able to do 3 if SWSH is any indication, but even then that was with DLC adding 1 each (and Dynamax adventures dosen't award BP anyway)
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