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Notice A New Professor Approaches!

Sith Puppy
Dec 6, 2016
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It was a quiet day in the office of The War.

Calvin and Crystal Onix were relaxing on the couch, discussing games they have played in the past and about what strategies they could apply in the future.
Snowy was quietly working in the corner, mumbling something about someone not updating the archives.
Lone_Garurumon left for the weekend without informing anyone.
DarthWolf was creating chaos, not having enough from Chaos Mafia V and throwing all the files Snowy was ordening on the floor.

"Darth! For the love of ME stop making a mess of things and instead help me out with this!" Snowy shouted.
Darth seemed to ignore Snowy's request and instead shred the files in pieces.
Snowy sighed and said, "Well can you at least give me Zinn's latest game? You still haven't archived that."
Darth looked over at the game that he helped out with and totally didn't forget to archive. His eyes widened, he looked back at Snowy said, "Zinn's game, of course! How could could I be so stupid!"
Snowy smiled, "Well at least you admit your own stupidity."

Darth grabbed the file, but instead of walking over to Snowy he went to his shredded pile from earlier and tore Zinn's game apart as well.
He then grabbed several pieces from several older games, put them together and then combined them with duct tape.
Snowy, looked perplexed, not sure what he just witnessed. Even Calvin and Crystal Onix stopped their discussion to see what madness ensued DarthWolf.
"There," DarthWolf exclaimed as he stood up with pride, "my next mafia game."
"Uhm Darth, " Calvin said really confused, "that is not how you make a mafia game."
DarthWolf laughed at the remark, "Haha, don't worry about. I've seen ME mention this before so it must be good."
The room turned silent for a moment, until Darth continued and asked himself, "Or was that him commenting about those game from the fire chicken?"
The rest of the room slapped their hand to their face in sync.
Snowy slowly started to get agitated, "Great Darth, you now not only ruined the files, but also created the worst game ever. Besides, part of the stuff you blatantly copied was the player list."
Darth responded, "What's wrong with the play—"
"I'm not playing your game!" Snowy said in anger, "Go find a way to fix this, now!"
"How?" Darth asked, "ME's Time Machine is broken and even if it was fixed, we were not allowed to use it ever again anyway. You expect a new solution to just walk through the front door or something?"

"Not the front door, but this will do."
The moderator looked over to the direction of a new voice. There, at the other side of the room, stood a blacked haired figure in a lab coat. Immediately the alarms in the room went off.
"Intruder alert! Breach in the staff room! Engaging Wolf Mode!" said the intercom in a monotonous voice.
DarthWolf instantly transformed into a shadowy, black wolf and started growling at the slender figure.
The man flinched, "Wow now, easy there," he responded, "I'm just here to help."
He reached into is lab coat and grabbed a stack of paper. As he wanted to walk towards Snowy Darth started to bark and the unidentified man.
Crystal Onix grabbed a remote from the couch he was sitting on and turned off the alarm and said, "Darth, quiet!"
Darth reluctantly obeyed, after all Crystal Onix had 8 badges. Although Darth still softly growled.
Crystal Onix smiled, "Good boy. Now," and he looked over to the mysterious person, "who exactly are you and how did you get in here?"

"Aha," the man took of pose, as if he we very proud of himself, "look upon this visage of chaos. I am mad scientist."
Darth instantly went quiet as he tilted his head at the word "chaos".
The scientist continued, "You see, I entered the room in the past and grabbed the files you were missing from the hosts and then went to the present here to hand it to you."
Now that Darth has accepted this crazy person Snowy could walk over to the scientist and to take the files from him.
"So, I have to ask," Snowy started, "how did you know what we needed?"
"Rule 1 of time travel," the scientist said as he pointed up a finger, "never ask about the rules of time travel."

"Now then, you need my help." said the time traveler as he started petting the residential sith puppy. "I have seen your future and it's terrible. Thus I request you to give me the controls of this room."
Calvin stood up from the couch. "Are you serious, we are not just giving you staff powers just because you helped us out once."
"Indeed," Snowy said with a smug face, "you would first need access permissions from the main panel. Luckily, Lone_Garurumon is gone and he is the only one who can do that."
"Actually," Crystal Onix raised his hand, "doesn't that mean the access passes on to—"
"Oh no!" Snowy shouted, "Darth!"
It was too late, however. Darth, still in his animal shape, put his paw on the scanner of the main panel.
"Access granted!" Exclaimed the system. "Missing data! Enter name!"
The mad scientist chuckeld in an evil way and answered the question of the system.



Hey everyone! It is my pleasure to welcome a new addition to the TWR Mod team! @ZinnLav
He's been a great member to the community and I'm sure he will also be a great mod.

So please join me in congratulating him in his new position!


Lone walked into the staff room, having returned from his weekend away.
All he saw was chaos and the envoy of the end and a new beginning
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Murphy, Edward
Nov 18, 2014
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"Actually," Crystal Onix raised his hand, "doesn't that mean the acces passes on to—"
ME, technically, not Darth. Darth doesn’t have ACP access. :p
Flavor text to announce a new moderator is amazing.
Aye. It’s a good tradition, and one I’m glad they kept.

Also, welcome to hell aboard, Zinn!
Sith Puppy
Dec 6, 2016
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ME, technically, not Darth. Darth doesn’t have ACP access. :p

Aye. It’s a good tradition, and one I’m glad they kept.

Also, welcome to hell aboard, Zinn!
Let me have fun ok :p

Yes, I loved the introductions myself as well and it really fits the section. Can't turn away the opportunity to do something fun here. ME has taught me well :bulbaLove:
Nov 1, 2011
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congrats, you deserve the position!
also was this little announcement BMU? I can't it see not being as such.