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ATTENTION: A note on posting videos and streams

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Sep 25, 2005
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Hello Everynyan!
I hope all of you are doing fabulously and congratulations on behaving so well so far, even among the new news madness (keep it up please!). There is just one little issue that I would like to bring to your attention though. It's about the posting of videos and links to streams of shows like Pokémon Smash.
Basically, those streams are unauthorised and thus go against this rule:
7. Copyright Violation (4 points, 2 months)

Users should not request or provide help to illegally view copyrighted material such as fansubs and scanlations or to download illegal programs such as emulators.
They should also not claim fanworks as their own if they are not the creator and wish to post them.
When posting fanworks that are not yours, please cite the original creator. Failing that, you may say that you don't know where it's from.
Discussion of fansubs and fan scanlations is allowed as long as no translation group or hosting site is identified.
Links to legal/licensed subs and scanlations (such as those hosted by Crunchyroll) are allowed.
Youtube links to full or partial Pokémon episodes, movies, shorts, or specials are not allowed if they are longer than 2 minutes.
Discussion on ROMs is allowed; however, do not mention or link to specific ROMs or emulators, mentioning/showing specific ROMs, or ask for help in using them.
The discussion or posting of Pokémon fan-made video games is not allowed.
This is mainly because Pokémon Smash episodes contain full episodes of the TV series. If you wish to post brief clips of any gameplay footage shown during the programme, you can - but only if that is the only content in the video. Obviously, the rule itself says "Youtube" specifically, but even streams and videos that do not take place on Youtube are a no-no.

Anyone caught posting a stream or video that is in violation of this rule will receive a Copyright Infringement warning.

This has been a public service announcement. Mind your head on the way out of the Important Meeting Room. Stay safe.

- Joshawott
Not open for further replies.