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A Pokemon Move Starting With...

Sep 27, 2010
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A spin-off of the thread http://bmgf.bulbagarden.net/f285/pokemon-starting-29820/ .

Post a Pokemon move of which name starts with the last letter of the move posted above.
In case of moves consisting of two words, follow the very last letter.

EDIT : In case of starting with X, Y, or Z, you have the option of posting a Pokemon move ignoring the above rule. (Thanks, Water Max! :D)

Let's start with...

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I can't see any moves ending in v in the list of moves on Bulbapedia. Also x and y only have 1 move each and z has 2 moves beginning with those letters respectively.

Wow, thanks for pointing that out. Since the latter could become a problem (could get repetitive in the long run), I added in an option that in the cases X, Y, and Z, a person has the option to post any one Pokemon move instead of keeping the pattern.


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