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A quick round-up of Pokémon Games and Merch currently discounted as part of Amazon's Prime Day sales in the US

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8 Courduroy Bulbasaur Plush
Amazon’s annual Prime Day sale is offering a range of special discounts for Prime members, including deals on a selection of various Pokémon games and products. Here’s a quick roundup of some of the best deals we've spotted included in the sales this year on Amazon's US store.

All deals below were correct and in-stock as of the time of writing, and no time-limited lightning deals have been included.

Pokémon Video Games for Nintendo Switch:
Pokémon Trading Card Game - Scarlet & Violet: Paldea Evolved Elite Trainer Box
Pokémon Trading Card Game:
Official Pokemon Plushes from Jazwares:
MEGA Bloks Gyarados
Assorted other official Pokémon merchandise:
As always when shopping on Amazon, and particularly with sales like this, be aware of which seller your product is coming from, and be sure to check that you're purchasing official merchandise. Many "Pokémon" products listed on Amazon are unofficial, and may use Pokémon imagery, including sometimes even fanart, without permission to try and sell their product.

Have you seen something exciting that we missed? Make sure to let us, and everyone else, know in the comments!


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