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ATTENTION: A rule change and new prefixes. A walk through to read.

The Possibly Fake
Sep 25, 2005
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Hello Everynyan!
There are a couple of changes happening in the Video Game section that the staff thought you'd like to made aware of (because keeping secrets from you wouldn't be nice!).

First off, we have a rather small change: Prefixes. We know how much you guys love prefixes, so we've added some more to help identity your threads a bit better
NEWS: - For when you're posting a new bit of Video Game news, this will make your thread stand out more, so hopefully people will be able to catch it quicker!
SPECULATION: - Do you like raising a hand to stroke your imaginary beard as you try to analyse or theorise about various aspects of the franchise? Then this prefix is for you. It should also help differentiate your posts from established fact, just in case there are any spoilsports out there!

On a smaller note, the Lost Tower subforum will now have prefixes to help split up the franchise's many past generations, so that if you're only talking about a specific generation you can mark the discussion as such (for example, you could use the GEN I prefix when discussing something exclusive to Red, Green, Blue or Yellow).

And this last new prefix is related to the second announcement we have to make. In the past, posts of this nature have been limited to personal blogs, but now we feel it best to allow them to come home, where they belong and out of the rain. That's right, the last new prefix is for WALKTHROUGHS. If you've ever wanted to post a walkthrough of your own, then here's your chance! Maybe we'll see a "Walkthrough Boom"? (Similar to a baby boom, just with less dirty nappies and sleepless nights).

So yeah, enjoy, stay safe and thanks for your continued support of the section!

- Video Games Forum Staff