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A shipping I'd like to see catch on...

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Jan 4, 2005
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ResearcherShipping. It's Professor SebastianxGiovanni. Anyone else thinks that this shipping have potential?
If they appear in episodes together, I suppose... We haven't really seen Giovanni in contact with many people.
Yeah, but there's a lot of Giovanni shippings where we haven't seen the other character in question come in contact with him in the anime. Airshipping (L3), Wickedshipping (Tracey), the one with him and Flint...

And Airshipping has a lot of fans.
Jirarudan and the BOSS? xD

-thinks- Um... um... most of the ships I like are already popular. ^^;
Who is Prof Sebastian -- and I find it odd that there's a prof out there without a plant name. :D
The thing is, it's very possible they've met, since he is a Rocket scientist, and from what we've seen in the anime, the scientists seem pretty high up in the hierarchy. And IJTR- is there a plant called "Nanba", then?
There are different divisions of TR, he may not be familiar with all factions and employees.
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