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Review AG132: Enishida and the Battle Frontier!

Zhen Lin

May 2, 2003
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Argy said:
Is that something about Yamato and Kosanji appearing next week that I see on Pokeani?

Yes, Yamato and Kosaburō are shadowing Kasumi, no doubt. Other guests are Hanako and Enishida. A Kikuko is also mentioned - Agatha?
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Going to the Hanako article will give you the answer you need, as will a number of other Japanese names.
Well, damn.

Misty, Butch and Cassidy all making their return to the main series?
Ash actually losing to the LEAGUE CHAMPION for a change?
The last of the Kanto E-4 finally making her anime debut?

Color me impressed.
Well, I would have never guessed Agatha would make an appearance in the anime series. That's certainly a surprise to me. I'm eager to see what kind of interaction she has with Prof. Oak. That should be interesting to say the least.
Agatha keeps on looking younger in every new picture we see of her.
MagmaCharizard said:
Yamato - Butch
Kosaburo - Cassidy
You've got that backwards. Yamato is Cassidy, and Kosanji - I mean, Kosaburo - is Botch - I mean, Butch.








Pictures from the preview, taken by myself. ^__^ If you're going to post them anywhere else, just give me a little credit, okay? A mention, will do. :3
Team Rocket bought Segways. Cool. And what is that last attack pictured?
Barb said:
Team Rocket bought Segways. Cool. And what is that last attack pictured?

No idea. It's been troubling me ever since I saw it, actually. I'm thinking Curse. Or Grudge. Or Spite.

Either one of those three. :3
...Agatha, cool. Some ugly fat boy, less cool. B&C trying to outdo J&J in the "looking stupid" department, not cool at all.
The duplicate Gengars remind me of Double Team. I'd guess that it's Curse.
It's more like "Wai hallo thar kiddies"! XD

So that's Scott, eh? When you look at his Emerald's sprite, you wouldn't guess he's that fat. o_O;

On another note, Butch and Cassidy couldn't look more stupider if they wanted to. >_>;
Just noticed something: on Agatha's pic, doesn't it appear as though a large black bag is tied around her neck instead of her carrying it over her shoulder? Oo;;
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