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Review AG132: Enishida and the Battle Frontier!

I fear for these episodes if they start going shipping crazy now that Misty has returned.
Hey, at least's shipping's better than one-shot episode that manage to spend thirty minutes doing exactly nothing of any interest to the overall story (ie, Johto, Hoenn).
The attack in the Gengar pic looks to me like a Faint Attack, not sure. Can Gengar even learn that? Too lazy to look it up ATM. :p
It probably SHOULD be, but it is actually Faint. I guess the semantics of it still work though - pretending you've fainted then attacking. The anime just uses it as if the Pokemon vanishes though, which is closer to feint (which is probably what the Japanese name actually infers). Blame NOA for that one.

Maybe it's a new move? We can all remember the introduction of Blaze Kick in the Silver Conference. A battle against an Elite member in the Viridian Gym of all places seems like a fair place to introduce a brand-new ghost type attack.
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Listening to Ash's narration in the preview makes me think that he's going to be going to the BF after he's done with whatever he's doing in Kanto. The battle with Agatha looks really cool. It would be cool if Ash could win, but It's unlikely, considering he's battling one of the elitre 4. Now my question is, why make an elite 4 member a gym leader?? Wouldn't that gurantee that no more trainers win badges? I mean, most trainers probably aren't up to beating an elite 4 member, and most of the challengers to the gym would probably be first time trainers like Ash was back in the past, so I don't see how Agatha would b giving away any badges, unless she deliberatly uses weaker pokemon on gym challengers.
It's not Faint Attack. All the times we've seen Faint Attack before have had one key element~ The other Pokemon being distracted/confused/having no idea where the other Pokemon is. This was shown when Sudowoodo used it on Arbok, and Sneasel on Totodile. And Cacturne on Bulbasaur. (Bulba was distracted by Harley's... evil...thing. XD)

Faint Attack has never and will most likely *never* show a Pokemon pretending to 'faint' or be Koed.
Scott looks like a pedophile for some reason. Also reminds me of that guy who sold James the Item-Finder in the Ectruteak Episdoe.

Agatha looks cool!

Filb has screens now, and play-by-play

Sceptile and Glalie both fainted from cliffhanger.
Torkoal beats Shiftry (YAY!)
Hariyama beats Torkoal and Corphish.
Swelllow beats Hariyama AND Donphan (Pidgeot and Noctowl would be proud!)
Metagross beats Swellow and Grovyle (All of Ash's powerhouses got beat fast!)
Pikachu beats Metagross (Plus a CG looking battlefield at one scene with pikachu running on it)
Boots-Meowth and Pikachu face off (Meowth is cheering for Boots), they both attack each other. They try to stand up and Pikachu faints. Tetsuya wins.
Boss-Guy finds TR stealing Pokemon(Pokeballs in the Pokecenter, no big mecha or rushed battle like in the Johto League), and blasts them off with a punch (Who would of thought that would of happened?)
Closing ceromonies, Tetsuya won 2 more battles we didn't see. is given trophy. Masamune cries and episode ends fading out.
Oh and I forgot to mention, I have a huge feeling the new Opening and Ending theme will start in the Scott Episode. Actually, I am HOPING it does. New Openings rock!
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Faint Attack has never and will most likely *never* show a Pokemon pretending to 'faint' or be Koed.
I still think Hitmonchan was using Faint Attack in Cerulean Blue on wednesday!

When you watch Gengar use that move in the preview, it looks like a variation on Double Team. Also it looks like Ash arrives in Pallet Town at the end of that episode, with Misty not appearing until then. And did anyone else notice that May, Max and Brock are nowhere to be seen?

By the way, why is Ash doing a Gym Battle in Viridian City?
Probably as a chance to battle a former member of the Elite Four.
Didn't Brock say at one point that a pokemon isn't allowed to pretend to be out just so it can attack?
The official rules do not allow Faint Attack to be used. Besides, it is hard to pull off that 'tactic' with out the referee saying that "Hitmonchan is unable to battle"...
Like, Lombre did that in the Referee Island Episode and that Lady said that Jimmy should of called against that, or something.
There. Since Dogasu was being all unhappy about us hogging his AG 131 discussion thread, I split them.

Adn this one is sticked by decree of the Head-of-Staff, so there.
Alfonso said:

She's got black tulips on the table.

Just thought you should know.
Wait a minuite...Delia has a Mr. Mime...You don't think Manene will show up, do you?
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