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Review AG135: First Battle! Battle Factory! (Part One)

Hmmm. They are dispensing with all those 41 battles. They're even disposing the random Pokemon. Next episode, it's a 1-on-1:
Satoshi's Lizardon vs. Datsura's Freezer

It's over, Johnny.
Nah, that wasn't as bad as this.

If this is a real one (not a Ditto/illusion/other bullshit), this is the worst thing the writers have ever done, and it's really not even close.
Just an optimistic thought...

About the trainer having an Articuno. Unless other Frontier brains end up using legendaries, keep in mind that this is the Battle Factory, and how it works. Ever wonder why they call it the "Factory"?
Some of you might go ahead and call me crazy, but I'd imagine that all the Pokemon used in the Battle Factory are just replicas. Think about it, they're randomly placed all the time, each time with a new trainer, and there are hundreds of them. If they were all real, I'd hate to be one of them... also, it's pretty strange if a strong Pokemon such as Charizard or Alakazam could be used, given the hundreds of trainers that get to use them. Yes, I remember the Ultimate Test. But that scenario was practically nothing compared to this.

It's the real thing. Datsura gained its trust - its wing was injured, and Datsura carried it on his plane.
You couldn't really expect them to do 41 battles. That's ridiculous and repetitive, and it's really just a game device anyway.

But dropping the whole concept of the Battle Factory is a little dumb... then again, we've already done that with The Ultimate Test, so maybe the writers decided to avoid redoing the concept.
Wait, so 41 battles is repetitive yet pointless filler is not?

41 battles is a lot, but I would have rathered to see 5 or so battles with other trainers before the Brain.
MistyIRC said:
we've already done that with The Ultimate Test, so maybe the writers decided to avoid redoing the concept.
Since when are the writers afraid of reusing concepts, especially ones only used once several years ago?

Anyway, it figures that they use some "he gained its trust when it was in trouble" reasoning for giving Datsura Articuno. This'll be the third Articuno we've seen, too.(the only other Legendaries that we've definately seen 3 individuals of are Lugia and Lati@s, IIRC. Moltres too, if you count that Moltres spirit from the Indigo League's flame as a real Moltres.)
So, how does one overly powerful Legendary with nothing better to do injure its wing? Besides being the subject of a plot device for this upcoming battle I mean. Did it play an unlucky game of tennis?
I guess the episode will explain it. Or maybe it won't.
I've just seen the new OP, it is pretty damn awesome. No new pokemon were shown for Ash. Brock was shown with Bonsly, and Team Rocket with Manene. Shuu and Harley were also shown along, as were Ms. Ketchum, Prof Oak, Prof Birch, Tracey, and Misty. We also got a shot of the frontier brains - who were all shadowed except for Noland. Scott makes an appearance too.

It's definately one of the better openings in my opinion.
OMG!!! Drew AND Harley? *dances* Awesome awesome AWESOME! (edit) And Misty, too! ROFL, I was so psyched over the boys I didn't even notice my (second) favourite redhead had made the list.
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Jo-Jo said:
OMG!!! Drew AND Harley? *dances* Awesome awesome AWESOME!

Yup, looks like they're going to be back.

I also forgot to mention that Manyura -the Sneasle evolution - darts by quickly in the Team Rocket scene. Make of that what you will.

Rucario and Mew are also pictured, undoubtedly a reference to the movie.
... I hope that doesn't mean Manyula will become another Delibird. Not that I disliked Delibird, but the writers need to stop re-using concepts.
Manyula I doubt is anything really to worry about. What about other openings I recall pokemon scaring them. BTW why arent we talking about this in the official opening ending thread Zhen li started some time this morning. Also the ending goes like this:
- meowth is playing drums while pikachu is clapping and chimecho and wobbuffet are shown.
- Pikachu again is shown and next to him Charmander using Flamethrower on meowth.
- Articuno is flying around using some attack on meowth.
- Then Combusken, Phany, corphish, pikachu, squirtle, manene, grovyle are dancing on the ground while meowth and bonsly are on top of a stand dancing.
- Then mudkip is shown with meowth on top pouring water on it.
- Then Duskull is shown flying around charmanders tail.
And the last part again with them dancing on the floor with meowth and bonsly on top of the stand dancing.
Pretty much Pokémon Count: Pokémon Ondo just with the hoenn pokemon instead of Kanto only pokemon. Nobody jump to conclusions about Charmander but, its annoying that they replaced Seviper, Cacnea or Dustox for charmander and duskull.
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Heck, Dustox isn't even in the opening! He's missing from the Team Rocket Scene (One of the best TR scenes ever in a opening in my opinion!) Then again, Cacnea was left out of Glory Day!

The focus on Charmander has me worried...he shows up too much in the ending. But Duskull and Shroomish do to, so it may just be nothing to worry about.

I deifnately think Bonsly is Brocks, because when they show Brock and Max, little animated sprite-looking version of Forretress, Mudkip, and Bonsly go by.

Let me say: The part where Ash's Pokemon are attacking is awesome!n,
Habunake said:
Then again, Cacnea was left out of Glory Day!

Actually, I *think* it was in the picture with Kojiro in a dress, just in the background and obscured by another picture. If you look carefully, you can see a green mass behind Kojiro that isn't grass.
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