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Review AG136: First Battle! Battle Factory! (Part Two)


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Jun 8, 2004
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Have people not realized the site is back up? We're usually not this late on topics.

Well, as predicted, Lizardon won, and it DID use Seismic Toss (and Overheat).
Speaking of Seismic, there was yet another earthquake in Kantō when it aired... Must be an aftershock of last week's.
At least those warnings didn't disrupt the episode too much...I did enjoy it, and judging by this battle, the Battle Frontier looks like its going to be filled with intense battles, and limitless amounts of wit and determination. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming episodes.
I actually haven't seen it yet. Everything I know I saw on Pokeani and SPPf.
The pic works fine here...the "more animated" scenes are becoming funnier and funnier, as this one shows...
It must be one of my ISP's intermittencies...

Before we get off-topic, I notice a lack in the random Pokemon scenario from the games juding from the screenshots...
They won't stop complaining about this ep on SPP. It really wasn't that bad.

So Ash won. That's not surprising, really.

Did Scott or Noland mention the next facility?
Charizard also went back as expected.

Let's hope Squirtle comes back next.:D

(I saw the episode in Japan, and felt the earthquake myself)
Geodude said:
They won't stop complaining about this ep on SPP. It really wasn't that bad.


Seriously though, Overheat was a bit different. When Torkoal used it, it was more of a... fire beam. It was much more solid and straight like the beam attacks (Hyper, Psy, Ice...).

However, seems like the complaints on this ep have reached PokeAni as well, and that's saying something.

But... yeah, it's pretty crazy on SPP, you'd think Alfonso's slitting his wrists over it. :p (Yes I know you also go here, kidding)

According to the Serebii forums, the next facility is the Battle Arena, which is near Saffron City, (and Primeape).
The ep wasn't that bad, the battle was really good and I was glad to see that Articuno was used properly - intelligence and power, w00t.

And DAMNIT, Charizard went back. I was hoping that the empty gap on his team and lack of any fire-Pokemon meant that Charizard would hang around. Especially if all the Frontier battles will be as hard as this one.

If the Battle Arena's in Saffron though, it shouldn't be that far away. The only reason I could see it not being at the start of September is if May finds a contest to distract everyone with. It'll be interesting to see what they do to that one...

I do hope they use the fact they're in Kanto to bring in cameos etc. Afterall, they made the effort with the Clefairy at Mt Moon, why not do the same for Primape or even say, Haunter and Sabrina....

They've got a wealth of material to use for some GOOD fillers. If they don't use them, they're morons.
Wow, way to turn the Frontier Brains into GYM leaders.

Ash even does the same stupid pose with the Frontier Symbols.

I hate the fact that they completely changed the Frontier from the games, not only ignoring the special rules, but turning them into boring GYM leaders.

I still think this arc looks horrible, especially with all the lame filler they're giving us after this.
If the Frontier has challenges like Articuno for Ash, I'm fairly certain it will not just be 'boring' Gym Leader like battles.

And technically, it was pretty close to what the Battle Factory is in the games. Charizard wasn't part of Ash's team afterall.

It may not be enough to satisfy those wanting full Battle Factoryness in this one, but I do think it means that counting Battle Arena out of having it's own unique difference is a very premature action.
Doctor Oak said:
And technically, it was pretty close to what the Battle Factory is in the games. Charizard wasn't part of Ash's team afterall.

No it wasn't. What we should have seen is a 3 on 3 battle between rental Pokemon.

Does it matter that Charizard is not on Ash's current party? It's still his Pokemon, and it always has been his Pokemon. Ash using one of his own Pokemon in the Factory means they ignored the rules from the games.

Seeing as how they ignored the rules for the Factory, I'm curious as to if they keep the rules for the Arena, or Battle tube.

I'm guessing not though.
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