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Review AG141: Nyula and Barrierd! Whose Restaurant!?


Jan 2, 2003
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Japanese Episode AG 141: "Nyula and Barrierd! Whose Restaraunt!?"
Airdate: September 1st, 2005


From the TV-Tokyo site:

As Satoshi-tachi travel toward Yamabuki City, Gonbe leaves its Monster Ball and starts to run around. As the gang chases after Haruka's pokemon into a forest, they come across a restaraunt. Meanwhile, a hungry Rocket-Dan enter a separate restaraunt. As it turns out, the owners of both restaraunts are a pair of fighting sisters named Race (レース) and Toran (トラン)*. In order to determine who will take over their father's restaraunt, the two have hired a Barrierd (Mr. Mime) and a Nyula (Sneasel) as chefs to hold a cooking battle. Satoshi-tachi decide to help out Toran while the Rocket-Dan decide to help out Race...

*I think their names are supposed to be a pun on the Japanese word for restaraunt, レストラン.

The preview is up at TV-Tokyo. For some reason, Masato is narrating the preview, so that's weird. It looks like Takeshi will be refereeing the cooking battle, while everyone else will be the judge. Of course, we see the Rocket-Dan attempt to steal the pokemon of the day (and Pikachu).

If nothing else, it should be an amusing filler.
Probability that at the end, the sisters will decide to share the restaurant: 99.47%
I hope that .53% is for the possibility that the current writers are murdered.

And yet again they feature pokémon one of the characters has/had, etc. >_>; Not to mention they're the evo/pre-evo of two of the revealed DP pokémon.
Eh, at least this episode seems somewhat promising, even though the plot is horribly unoriginal.

(Hey, they're sort of recycling a "banned" episode now)
Why is there no sign of Manyula or Manene in the preview?

Why the hades else would you put Sneasel and Mr Mime together if not to show off their latest evolutionary siblings?

I swear, if these two arn't actually featured, someone has officially blown their mind.
Doctor Oak said:
Why is there no sign of Manyula or Manene in the preview?

I swear, if these two arn't actually featured, someone has officially blown their mind.

That wouldn't surprise me either. *rolls eyes*
Are they parodying Iron Chef? Or have the writers just decided that actually putting effort into their work (including story arcs and character development) is too darn hard? :rolleyes:
Dogasu said:
a pair of fighting sisters named Race (レース) and Toran (トラン

Even with the pun, that's two of the stupidest names I've ever heard. Actually no. The pun makes it WORSE.
What scares me even more is that both sisters have the same hairstyle I do.
At least you don't have a cooking Mr. Mime/Sneasel. Or do you? oO;
No. I have a Misdreavus that hides in various closets in my house and scares my cats.
Barb said:
Are they parodying Iron Chef?
That was what I thought. It's looking kinda funny to me, but I like laughing at cooking shows.
Looks bad

Is it me, or is the post-Houen mini-season turning out to be all the worst parts of the Orange Islands and Johto (long gaps between badges and identikit cookie-cutter fillers) without any of the characterisation that made the Orange Islands season worth watching?

Okay, I know that they are just killing time until Diamond and Pearl come out but this could seriously damage the animé's standing with fans. :eek:hdear:
I'm thinking it's only the insane ones left here... with absolutely no appreciation for character development, originality, or for that matter, plot...

Or maybe not.
um...so far BF has had smaller gaps between important episodes than the other leagues did. There were 3 episodes between the end of Hoenn and Ash reaching the Battle Factory, and only 6 episodes between that and May competing in her first Kanto contest. Only the Indigo league saga was faster. And the filler hasn't been that bad so far; I thought "Kingdom of Onix" was great and both it and the Jigglypuff episode were better than many Johto or Hoenn fillers. I guess how we like individual episodes comes down to personal prefrences, but is it really fair to judge the BF saga as sucky this early? We still have 6 symbols and 5 ribbons to go, plus the Kanto Grand Festival and whatever else the writers decide to have them do this season, so a lot of good stuff could still happen. I remember back when the Orange islands episodes were actully airing many people hated them, especially early on with episodes like "The Crystal Onix" and that showboat one, it really wasn't until a little later that people started to say they liked Orange.
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^ Agreed. The BF looks fine to me so far. Although maybe I just like it because it brought back Drew and Harley early on. ;)

As for fillers, rehashed plotlines and lack of characterisation or a decent plot, was there some mythical time when the anime didn't include these things? Because it sure isn't in my memory.
Nobody watched Pokemon for plot, deep characters, or exciting events. They watch it for keen character designs and wacky oddness.
Anyone think those two are twins? Anyway, this kind of ep has been done before *cough*Showdown in Dark City*cough*. They're just recycling plots.
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