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Review AG147: Enter Manene! Mansion of Rest!

Myss Hydra said:
Awww, they're........ so heartbreaking. This'll probably be the 1st Kojiro (semi-)centered episode where we won't laugh,
I think it will be more than semi-centered around him. Jessie and Meowth's bits look just as obligatory as Ash-tachi. They aren't exactly worried.
I think glomps for Koji are all in order.
(Glomps Koji-kun)
I cannot wait for this ep... given our luck, 4Kids will just screw it up.
How could 4kids screw it up? Some high-pitched James-esque screaming?

This episode won't be dubbed until Season 9 anyway, so it's more than a year off in the U.S.
Aww, don't even think about it getting screwed up yet, Nekusagi... that ruins it.

Gas? LOL. It looks to be in a bit more pain than that. Although, if Gonbe's also sick, it could be a side effect of a food they both ate. Bad berries? But since Gonbe's larger, it wouldn't be as affected.

And how do you think Jess is going to react to James about his Chimecho? I think that she's not going to be sympathetic, although I'd hope she'd care a little.
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She doesn't seem to be very bothered in the preview.

I don't see how 4Kids cam screw it up, but let's at least wait for the episode to air before we can speculate.
lol I dunno. Sometimes gas can be pretty damn painful (I only know b/c when I eat bread I'm about to stick a knife in my tummy to relieve myself.) Gross yes, but allergies can be a bitch.

I honestly think Jess strongly dislikes Chimecho. Could be that she's jealous, could be that she's just annoyed w/ it.
Well, considering that bad contest experience and the times it used Astonish on her instead of Heal Bell...
In the Lilycove City Pokémon Contest, it was annoyance. I don't think she sees it as a rival for James' attention, though.
That really sucks. I saw part of the ep where James got Chimecho and it's an awesome Pokemon.
This isn't the same mansion in "Holy Matrimony", is it?

But yeah, according to PokeAni, that's true.
Not sure what the writers saw bad in Chimecho. Usually when we get a move this early for one of the newer additions it must mean the writers felt the pokémon didn't appeal at all to the show.
Also according to PokeAni, it seems that Gomazou and Sabonea battles against Habuneeku.

I think the winner of that battle will be fairly obvious. I also imagine that Chiriin's departure is only temporary, until it recovers from whatever is wrong with it. Or maybe I have my fingers crossed a bit too much. :(
Oh god, I hope the writers don't go back to the days of forgotten promises. James can't just forget Chimecho after how much he cares about it.

Phanpy and Cacnea against Seviper? Why?


And Munchlax is sick as well. Yet it looks like May isn't leaving it behind!
Because Munchlax, like Manene are boring and blatant advertisements for the 4th gen.

Same reason why neither Munchlax or Manene will ever evolve. If they evolve they turn into 1st gen Pokemon, and that would instantly make them lose their importance as advertisments for the 4th gen.

Not to mention Ash has Snorlax and Delia has a Mr. Mime, so Munchlax and Manene won't evolve for that reason either.
And once again we confirm the pokémon anime serves nothing but to advertise the games.
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